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Antec TP-750
9.1 out of 10

Antec TP-750

Great Deal: $130.59

Reviews and Problems with Antec TP-750

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Overall 4


DORCA B., Newegg
20 May 2015
  • Pros: It works and does the job
  • Cons: Got the package right in time, installed it in my computer, turn it on and the clicking noise that it was making was louder than all the fans and my video card combine. Apparently the fans are not well located and clicks with everything around.
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Overall 2

Bad Fan

Michael N., Newegg
6 May 2015
  • Summary: Should have paid more attention to the reviews. I have a High Currency Gaming PS from Antec and I've been very happy with it, but this model just seems like a stinker right out of the box.
  • Pros: Good Power Supply for the money.
  • Cons: Fan made a racket at start up. Looking through the reviews it seems to be a common problem.
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Overall 2

ow my ears!!! (and fist)

zachary m., Newegg
24 April 2015
  • Summary: i think this one i have might be a tad defective im not sure regardless its whines dont take my post to heart i never hear it usually unless i find the game it hates past that its good and i wanted to make someone lol while reading
  • Pros: its works pretty well like i think its awesome never have and problems until i find the game that makes it cry worse then that hot micing quick scoping 12 year old on Cod that is trash talkikng you until his mother says play nice
  • Cons: FREAKING SPACE COWS DOES IT WHINE some games this thing will make a high pitch noise that i thought was the hard drive since i bought a Seagate SSHD nope not the drive then i thought ok GPU nope my MSI 970 is beautiful but this FREAKING mouth breather of a psu wants to whine when i play certain g...
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Overall 10


JOHN P., Newegg
10 April 2015
  • Summary: Had to write this review for just getting the pwr sup so fast.. WOW... VERY GOOD.
  • Pros: I got it already .. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Using this PWR SUP to replace Antec TPII-550 TRUE POWER 2.0 ..... Lots of diff connections ..
  • Cons: I just got it ... give me time ....
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Overall 10

Very Quite

Thomas K., Newegg
8 April 2015
  • Pros: I bought this Antec True Power 750 Gold Plus Certified 80 power supply because I previously owned a True Power 550. It lasted 11 years. I hope this 750 will do the same. Time will tell, but Antec products have been preforming great for me so far. I have used Antec fans, cases, power supplies
  • Cons: Nothing so far.
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Overall 10


Jerry G., Newegg
31 March 2015
  • Summary: This is a very high quality PSU and so far has been very reliable and solid with zero issues. I knew Antec was a safe bet and so far I have been right.(whew, yay!) While I almost went with an exact version in 650 watts, this was only a little bit more expensive and should give me the ability to run...
  • Pros: 750 watts of rock-solid, stable power and voltage, the end! Looking forward to really pushing this thing's capabilities with a R9 280 Crossfire setup in the future. ^_^ It is interesting to note, my current APC Backup UPS RS800 unit is only theoretically able to reliably supply voltage up to abou...
  • Cons: Can't power my house freeing me from monthly electric bills. *sigh* Where's my friggin ARC reactor Tony!!!
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Overall 10

Working fine for me so far

William MacKay, Amazon
20 March 2015
  • Summary: Smaller than most 750W power supplies. Working fine for me so far.
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Overall 10

Does its job

Lily H., Newegg
14 March 2015
  • Summary: It suppies power for i5 4690, 16GB RAM, 512 SSD, 4TB HDD, Gigabyte Geforce GTX 970 G1, DVD-RW, CoolerMaster 212 EVO, Fractal R4 case. In the future I'm planning to overclock the CPU and GPU and when needed also add another graphic card of the same type in SLI and I'm expecting this PSU to be...
  • Pros: + Simply works! I have been using it in my own built computer for about a month now and there haven't been any problems. + $50 after rebate for a power efficient 750W PSU is a great deal. + This model has received favorable reviews and actually supplies the declared 750W as opposed to some other ...
  • Cons: - The cables are not modulated which makes the cable management a more difficult.
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Overall 6


Terah O., Newegg
11 March 2015
  • Summary: I would have given this psu a no star rating if not for the great support. glad i did not mail in the upc for the rebate,or I have no idea if they would have rma'd it.very pleased they decided to issue a 30$ gift card to cover the antec rebate.
  • Pros: it worked well for a week,not really a pro. The newegg support was outstanding as usual
  • Cons: started clicking constantly after about 10 days use
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Overall 10

Decent for the cost.

Kianoush S., Newegg
10 March 2015
  • Summary: Only time will tell if this was a good buy or not ,but in the first two weeks it seems so.
  • Pros: It's quiet, no issues so far. It seems decent for the cost, I'll see what sort of impact it makes on my hydro bill.
  • Cons: nothing I can think of, it was as easy to install as any other power source, maybe a bit pricey for the budget builder?
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