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War of the Monsters

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Reviews and Problems with War of the Monsters

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Overall 7

War of the Monsters by Sony

Game Monkeys
5 March 2013
  • Summary: All in all, War of the Monsters is a good fighting game and a decent game over all. Overly convoluted controls can give you trouble while keeping up with the fast paced game play and the AI sure could use some work, but it's fun setting and tank throwing wackiness will keep you happy in the long run.
  • Pros: Great classic monster designs and killer environments.
  • Cons: Lousy AI and crappy control combination.
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Overall 9

Expert Review

16 February 2004
  • Excerpt: Okay, that isn’t exactly how Blue Oyster Cult’s song goes but after a few hours with War of the Monsters, I’m sure you’ll being singing along quite happily with these new, updated lyrics. More realistically, I’m sure you’ll be inserting the name of your favorite monster into the lyrics.
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Expert Review

The Laser
13 February 2004
  • Excerpt: With its cool retro feel, addictive gameplay and fast-paced brawling action, SCEA’s War of the Monsters lets you go on a rampage, throwing cars and crushing buildings while trying to defeat any monsters in your way. The game also includes multiplayer modes and loads of secrets that add to the replay value. WOTM looks decent graphically, but unfortunately, it suffers from poor camera angles and other flaws. Do these problems ruin the game?
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War of the Monsters – Second Opinion

4 January 2004
  • Excerpt: In his review, Brad made an apt comparison between War Of The Monsters and melee-based games like Power Stone and Ehrgeiz . While these comparisons were fitting, I found myself more reminded of Super Smash Bros. Melee while I was playing. Instead of featuring established Nintendo franchise characters, War Of The Monsters features established B-movie stereotypes, each with their own distinct fighting styles and personalities.
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War of the Monsters– Review

4 January 2004
  • Excerpt: People in the 1950's were scared. The world at that time was a different place, and America had a host of things to worry about. Capitalizing on the feeling of imminent doom, filmmakers of the era played upon the things that kept people up at night and turned those fears into box-office gold. Concerns over rapidly advancing science materialized in the form of mutants terrorizing innocent townsfolk.
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Overall 10

War of the Monsters

Playstation Illustrated
10 December 2003
  • Excerpt: Although you couldn't tell from my age, I am a product of the 50's sci-fi movies. 'King Kong' (although he was the 30's), 'Them!', 'The Day the Earth Stood Still', 'Earth vs. The Flying Saucers', 'Day of the Triffids'; you name it, and my parents more than likely had me watch it when I was young. That, in part, is why War of the Monsters appealed to me so much.
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Overall 7

War of the Monsters

Into Liquid Sky
14 September 2003
  • Excerpt: War of the Monsters , at its heart, is a full blown melee fighter where the players take the role of one of many mutated beasts destroying their way from location to location. The game begins with a story sequence that explains the reason behind the game. In true B-movie fashion, players are informed of an alien invasion of the Earth. To defeat these aliens, Earth's scientists set up these electric machines, which knock the UFOs from the skies.
  • Pros: Lots to unlock, Captures B-movie feel well, Simple, easy to get into gameplay
  • Cons: Lots of button mashing, Cheap impaling attacks, Only two players at any time
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 8

Expert Review

22 April 2003
  • Conclusion: THE VERDICT: The Adventure mode grows quickly trite, and while the other single-player modes prove entertaining, the game is simply not worth a purchase if you do not plan to get together with a friend for two-player battles.
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War of the Monsters

The Armchair Empire
12 April 2003
  • Conclusion: As Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (GC) is one of my favorite games of 2002, all the above sounds familiar, especially the “rage” attacks. But War of the Monsters (WotM) differs enough to set itself apart from Godzilla – not the least of which is that it will appear only on the Playstation 2. Having no hands-on experience with WotM, my main concern is with the dynamically splitting split-screen utilized during two-player games.
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Overall 5

War Of The Monsters

Thunderbolt Games
13 March 2003
  • Excerpt: So help me, living in the fifties must have sucked. Not only was being a teenager a generally unknown quantity, but rock and roll hadn’t really kicked off yet, pre-marital sex was frowned upon, there was no drug culture, no cable TV, no skateboards and definitely no video games. They did, however, have monster movies. The Creature of the Black Lagoon, The Beast From 20,000 fathoms, them!, 20,000 leagues under the sea and, of course, Godzilla, to name but a few.
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