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V Rally 3

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Overall 8

Realistic but not overkill, Fun but not too easy

Bladerunner B26354, Amazon
3 April 2014
  • Summary: I've played all kinds of driving games ever since they were invented, including Pole Position and the early Ridge Racer series by Namco. V-Rally 3 is a fun rally game, missing some features like the track editor in V-Rally 2, but with new kicks like lens flare--a LOT of lens flare. A good selection of cars, but not too many, and seven locations, not too many.
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Overall 8

A pretty decent rally simulation

D. CHAN "dgc218", Amazon
7 January 2014
  • Summary: Before V-Rally 3, my experience in VG rallying came from two games: Gran Turismo 3, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. My first introduction was through Gran Turismo 3. While the driving physics of GT3 is undeniably realistic (even to this day), the format is not. The circuit rally tracks and head-to-head racing is really more rallycross than actual special-stage rallying. My next foray into VG rallying was through Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, oddly enough.
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Overall 8

Great game

Ran, Amazon
23 October 2012
  • Summary: a little poor graphics ( is an old game) but the res of it is a pretty nice one!
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Overall 8

Great rally racing game

"kaitai99", Amazon
15 May 2004
  • Summary: I pretty much dominated this game with three separate rally vehicles. It does not take a long time to get used to the controls in this game. It's easy and a whole lot of fun. The only problem I had with this game is the limited tracks. I believe it has less than 10 different tracks, but you race forward and backwards on the tracks. The race can be difficult when the weather turns south.
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Overall 4

nice graphics no sega rally

M. Michel "hellacopter", Amazon
4 August 2003
  • Summary: first off no music! boring! second no jumps to get airborne. well some jumps but hardly anything to make u hold on to the controller like your actually steering a real car.I wanna hit start and race period.fine tunning come on...... emails ???? why do i need emails in a race game .the cars oversteer they dont bounce like they have shocks. will someone please tell me are there any rally games with correct physics like a real car .
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Overall 10

Rally Good Time

Pete Braun, Amazon
13 June 2003
  • Summary: I gotta tell ya, I've played some good rally games before, but this most fun I've had playing a rallying video game and I'm more than happy to tell you how addictive V-Rally 3 is. Once you start playing, you know you'll never stop, so let the rallyist in you out of its cage! In V-Rally Mode, you don't compete in championship rallies, you live and breathe rally racing. It s just so immersive.And the car variety is first-rate.
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Overall 8

Good, Arcadish Rally Game

James M. Stafford III, Amazon
1 February 2003
  • Summary: V-Rally 3 is the first appearance of the V-Rally series on PlayStation2. Not surprisingly, its graphics are excellent, the cars have many more tuning options, the sounds are better and more convincing, and the fun factor has been raised :-) Unfortunately, however, Track Editor (which allowed the player to create original rally stages and circuits) is not included in V-Rally 3, which is a severe disappointment :-( The main focus of V-Rally 3 is its career mode...
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Overall 8

A fun game, but has a few rough edges.

Christopher Takemori, Amazon
27 January 2003
  • Summary: Let me just say that rallying is a sport that is overlooked here in the US in comprision to the other more well known racing associations like nascar, indy and to a lesser extent f1. What I really enjoy about this game is the fact that you DO NOT just jump in and join a big team like subaru, ford, peugeot and so on. YOu actually have to prove that you are able to work your way up and basically make your own career.
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Overall 8

Flawed, but fun

michael, Amazon
18 December 2002
  • Summary: I'm a big WRC fan, so naturally, I was excited about this game. I got it off of eBay for about 22 bucks, not a bad deal. Gameplay - Damn fun. the Career mode is great, because you get e-mails from various teams, wanting you to test drive for them. If you get good times with their test car, they'll offer you a position on their team right on the spot, or sometime in the future. As you get better, other teams with better cars will offer you a test drive as well.
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Overall 2

much of a letdown

5 November 2002
  • Summary: Racing fanatics should keep away from this one. On any scale, fun factor = 0 (no other cars on the track to race against); graphics = 0 (nobody expected GT3 quality, but this is a total cutout city); ingenuity = 0 (6 locations equals 6 tracks essentially, 5 of which are Europe - not a lot of difference between them - and 1 uninspired Africa track. ...
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