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Unlimited Saga
4.5 out of 10

Unlimited Saga

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Reviews and Problems with Unlimited Saga

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Overall 2

Sony PS2 game

Kseagle, Amazon
17 September 2012
  • Summary: I ordered this game for my collection. The ad was very accurate. The game was shipped quickly & safely. I would purchase from them again. The only negative thing I have to say is about the game itself. Square Enix, who up till now, I held in high esteem for their RPG games.
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Overall 10

unlimited saga is the greatest ps2 game ever

Ivan Orozco, Amazon
30 July 2011
  • Summary: unlimited saga is the greatest video game in the world a true classic the best of the best square-enix are gods the greatest video game company in the world dont listen to the really stupid bad reviews that square-enix haters and video game critics have givin this game over the years the game is not...
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Overall 2


Wired Wrong, Amazon
2 December 2009
  • Summary: This game is a very rushed feel to it, the game seems incomplete and has many good idea's but many things are done in this game with little or no good reason. The map is set up in the format of a board game you must explore.
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Overall 2

Billed as Hardcore, but Hardly Worthwhile...Unless You're a Masochist

Eric King, Amazon
18 August 2009
  • Summary: Possibly Square's worst creation. It had a lot of potential. And to be fair, the battle system was a great version of the SaGa system. But it went terribly wrong with the primary interface. Dungeon maps play like a moving a cloth with a hole in it on a board game map.
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Overall 2

Well a BIG middle finger to you, too, SQUARE-ENIX

W3ap0n-X, Amazon
21 January 2009
  • Summary: I love Final Fantasy. I really do. The World is Square, baby! (FFI reference). I wasted a perfectly good giftcard on this puddle of cow vomit because of the fact I saw Square on the cover.
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Overall 8

Frustrating, but very interesting.

William H. Baker, Amazon
16 September 2008
  • Summary: Definately not for most gamers. I like this game because it took a complete departure from ALL standard RPG elements. In this game, you don't level up, instead you replace skills (the level of the skill is based on the mission), so if you do missions that are 'below' you, you'll actually make your...
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Overall 2

This game sucks!

Imagination, Amazon
29 May 2008
  • Summary: The developer of this game must wake up on the wrong side of his bed. I had no fun playing this game but frustration. It is uninspired and not motivating at all. Once I start playing this game, I turn off the system after about five minutes. I just cannot stand it!
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Overall 6

Keep an open mind on this one.

kurikuri, Amazon
22 May 2006
  • Summary: Gladly, I bought this game on clearance for about 6 bucks, so I don't feel that bad. The FFX-2 trailer was worth almost that anyway. This game...oh, where to start. It's not a good or bad game, it's more of a decent game that was rushed off the drawing board.
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Overall 4

Could cause violence against PS2 system..proceed with caution!!

just me, Amazon
10 March 2006
  • Summary: OMG I made the mistake of buying this game. How awful Square. How COULD YOU!? Let me count the ways: Visually, Unlimited SaGa characters & backgrounds aren't animated--everything is entirely static.
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Overall 2

One of the worst games I've played...

SerpentSatellite, Amazon
14 January 2006
  • Summary: Bought this game very cheap, as it is from a publisher I normally love and trust. Hailed as being an "extreme" RPG, I thought a little challenge could be fun (just got done played a series of fun, but easy games.) Plus, it was cheap. This RPG game is only "extreme" in how bad it is...
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