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Unlimited Saga

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15 April 2010
Overall 6
Gameplay 6
Graphics 8
Sound 9
Storyline 4
Replay value 1

Unlimited Saga

13 October 2005
  • Excerpt: The SaGa games have a reputation for being a number of things. Among them: difficult, non-linear, aesthetically unique, and…freaking weird. They’re not your typical RPG. Even among those games, however, there is one that is decidedly the biggest oddball of them all, Unlimited Saga . Heck, Square Enix even decapitalized the “g” and put the game’s logo sideways on the box. You knew something was up.
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Unlimited Saga – Review

14 November 2004
  • Excerpt: Here on the Internet, specialized abbreviations are often used as a form of shorthand to save the fuss of typing out common words and phrases. Some of these may be confusing to people not familiar with message boards or newsgroups, so as a way of shedding light on this phenomenon, we've collected a few samples. The most prevalent occurrence would most likely be LOL, short for laughing out loud .
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Overall 7

Unlimited SaGa

Just RPG
16 August 2004
  • Excerpt: There are a few words that come to mind when I think on my Unlimited SaGa experience. Some are more positive than others. However, the fairest way I can sum up the game is that it appeals to very specific tastes, and mine are not among them.
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Overall 3

Unlimited SaGa

Into Liquid Sky
16 July 2004
  • Excerpt: Square's newest installment in the far-less-maintstream-than- Final-Fantasy Saga series has hit the PS2, but with a strange and very retro twist to the genre, one that the truly hardcore may enjoy, but the average gamer will be more than willing to pass up. The base plot revolves around "The Seven Wonders of the World", which contain powers that the badguys want to use and abuse.
  • Pros: Great artistic style, Fine music, 7 story arcs to take
  • Cons: Next to no animation, Overly complicated, Tedious menu system, Gets hard early with no attempt to explain the game's systems
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Overall 4

Expert Review

4 July 2004
  • Excerpt: Square’s SaGa franchise has always been eclectic. Unlimited SaGa is no exception. Imagine taking four separate programmers, giving them their assigned tasks – Characters/Story, Exploration, Battle System, and the Advancement System, telling them to create something innovative and sending them into isolation chambers with no contact with the other programmers. Now, take the final products and combine them into a game. That is the patchwork feel that Unlimited SaGa has.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 7

Unlimited SaGa

The Next Level
7 November 2003
  • Excerpt: The game follows the story of seven people, whom you have a choice to start the game with. The cast includes Laura, an ex-pirate, and Kurt, a former knight whose father has disowned him. The story of Unlimited SaGa revolves around the Seven Wonders of the World, and obviously with seven different viewpoints, the story can get confusing, but ultimately satisfying once you have played through the game.
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Overall 4


Thunderbolt Games
25 July 2003
  • Excerpt: The localization team for the new Square Enix amalgamation needs to get its act together, quickly, and decide how the name of this game is supposed to look. It’s disconcerting to sit down, ready to write a review, and discover that there is not only no consensus on the quality of the game, but no consensus on how to write the title of the product.
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Expert Review

20 July 2003
  • Excerpt: When normally seeing a new Square Enix game released, I would like to think I could trust that no matter what they release, it will offer some sort of magical Role Playing experience. For the most part, this theory is true. However, there have been a few exceptions to this rule. After playing Unlimited Saga, I am afraid to admit that not only is this another exception to the rule, it could be the worst Square Enix game ever released.
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Overall 5

Unlimited SaGa

Game Over Online
15 July 2003
  • Excerpt: It’s hard to deny Squaresoft’s track record for good games throughout the years. Ranging from racing games, shooters and fighting titles, many of Square’s “experimental” titles have brought innovative spins to their respective genres, and have usually been quite successful. Obviously, they are most well known for their role-playing games with the indelible Final Fantasy series, a sequence of titles that sets gaming benchmarks with each story in the franchise.
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