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6.6 out of 10

Twisted Metal: Black

A much-upgraded remake of SingleTrac/Incogs killer car combat se Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Twisted Metal: Black

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Overall 8

Twisted Metal: Black Is Back

coverthitman, epinions.com
18 March 2004
  • Summary: I recommend it because I 989 studios and what they did to the 3rd and 4th installment. Besides, it's dark.
  • Pros: Darker, faster, almost old-school
  • Cons: RTFM for weapons, unrealistic car controls
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Overall 8

Feeling Depressed? Why Not Blow Something Up!!!

Horhay, epinions.com
14 May 2002
  • Summary: Twisted Metal Black is the best car combat game on the market. Check it out and blow stuff up. It's fun. Billy Ray is my hero!!!!
  • Pros: Its Twisted Metal the way it should be
  • Cons: Needs more levels, no online play
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Overall 8

Twisted Metal is BLACK and better then ever!

fancycrap, epinions.com
1 May 2002
  • Summary: Vigilante and Interstate 76 are both great games, but after you`ve played this game, they will be BORING! UNEVENTFUL! and most important of all, they won`t be BLACK!
  • Pros: The diversity in characters, areas and weapons!
  • Cons: Not very much replay value!
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Overall 8

Out of the asylum... into the action!!

rumbuddyboo, epinions.com
17 November 2001
  • Summary: If you are a fan of this genre you can't go wrong here, the graphics, control, and over-all presentation are totally twisted!
  • Pros: Great graphics, tight controls, awesome artillery!!
  • Cons: No Online Play! High difficulty level may alienate series new-comers (and some old-skool TM fans).
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Overall 8

Could this be the best Twisted Metal yet?

honsmolmen, epinions.com
14 October 2001
  • Summary: I recommend that you try it out, go out and rent it see what you think, its just a fun game thats worth checking into.
  • Pros: Great graphics, great sound, Fun to play, Alot more to do then any other TM's.
  • Cons: Harder than other TM's, gets boring.
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Overall 8

Twisted darkness

11 October 2001
  • Summary: TM is the best vehiclar combat game out there period,and is the highlight of anyone's collection
  • Pros: Dark atmosphere, great menu design, gameplay, vehicles
  • Cons: levels almost too big, Controls difficult, Uncanny AI,Interface
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Overall 8

This game really diserves the name twisted!

jmd9, epinions.com
29 September 2001
  • Summary: Grab some friends and hop on the couch for days of none stopped action and fun!
  • Pros: Great gameplay, graphics, coolness
  • Cons: some of the endings are.. well, twisted
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Overall 8

Its most certainly twisted

MichaelHatton, epinions.com
27 September 2001
  • Summary: Fun for a while gameplay; better than the predecessors; laudable effort.
  • Pros: Good graphics and sound; fun multiplayer games
  • Cons: Tedious gameplay
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Overall 8

Why Do I Like This Game So Much? Is It Because It's Black?

xeno3998, epinions.com
21 September 2001
  • Summary: I am a robot, beep beep -Tom Green
  • Pros: Darker, more mature atmosphere than most Mature rated games explore. Near perfect frame rate consistency
  • Cons: occasionally, boredom sets in after extensive play of certain stages.
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Overall 8

singletrac gets revenge under a new title...

andrew_rage, epinions.com
24 August 2001
  • Summary: BEST car combat game ever made. A worthwhile buy for action fans.
  • Pros: good sounds/graphics, easy to learn controls, good stories
  • Cons: very difficult game, tough AI.
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