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Spyro: A Hero’s Tail

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Reviews and Problems with Spyro: A Hero’s Tail

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Expert Review

Game Freaks 365
6 March 2005
  • Excerpt: Spyro used to be a major player in the game industry. Those days are long past now. Both Spyro and Crash have become 2nd tier platform characters, replaced by Ratchet & Clank and Sly as the two primary mascots for the PlayStation brand. It must be lonely being a tier 2 platform character, knowing you’re in the same ranks as Blinx, Voodoo Vince, and Tak.
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Overall 9

Spyro: A Hero’s Tail

Playstation Illustrated
13 February 2005
  • Excerpt: Spyro is back in another memorable adventure, and this time you will have to master all five of the series’ characters in order to defeat the current threat to the Dragon Realms. Spyro: A Hero’s Tail has fairly average graphics and isn’t really something that is out of this world, but what it has is smooth and gets the job done. The cartoony and brightly-colored feel of the game is obvious from the first in-game movie right to the end.
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Spyro: A Hero's Tail

The Armchair Empire
15 January 2005
  • Conclusion: On a brighter note, Spyro isn’t the only playable character in the game. Like I mentioned before, there are four other playable characters whom you’ll take control of in a number of mini-games. Each mini-game must be played twice as you’ll earn a light gem the first time and a dragon egg the second time through. The mini-games prove to be fun for the most part and a nice break from the constant backtracking. Visually the game doesn’t amaze at all.
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Overall 5
Features 6
Gameplay 6
Graphics 5
Sound 3
Lifespan 5

Spyro: A Hero's Tail

Gaming Target
6 January 2005
  • Summary: If there was a Platform Hero's Guild, and if they held a straw sucking contest, Spyro would suck the most.
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Spyro: A Hero's Tail Review

5 November 2004
  • Excerpt: Spyro, the purple pygmy dragon, made his fiery debut on the original PlayStation, among the surfeit of 3D platformers populating the 32- and 64-bit eras. Aside from its unique protagonist, who hailed from the opposite side of most fantasy-setting confrontations, Spyro the Dragon strictly adhered to its genre's formula, managing to be very successful in the process. Spyro's 2002 outing failed to re-create that success.
  • Pros: Good graphics., Good music., Good voice acting.
  • Cons: Silly plot., Minigames are distracting and boring., Spyro gameplay dated., Map system terrible., Collectible collecting is collectively bad.
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Overall 5

Spyro: A Hero´s Tail

Level 7
26 July 2005
  • Conclusion: Mjuk och behaglig. Men samtidigt är designen fu och tråkig samtidigt som färgerna är grälla. Kontroll, kamera och allt sådant fungerar okej. Men spelet är begränsat på många sätt och huvudpersonen misslyckad. Dessutom känns det långa stunder hopplöst att vandra omkring i de ogenomtänkta miljöerna. Det tar en stund att klara och det finns en del att samla på. Men vem vill och orkar?
  • Pros: Enkla kontroller, Animationer och flyt
  • Cons: Bandesignen, Menlös huvudperson, Usel karta, Den låga svårighetsgraden
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Overall 5

Expert Review

11 April 2005
  • Excerpt: 5 HEROS DOIVENT COMBATTRE LE DEMON Rejoins Spyro et ses amis pour détruire des sombres gemmes qui menacent leur monde. Le vil Dragon Rouge les a créées pour étendre le mal sur leur Royaume. Aide Spyro et ses amis à réaliser leurs missions afin de sauver le Royaume avant qu'il ne soit plongé...
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Overall 7

Expert Review

4 April 2005
  • Summary: "Spyro: A Hero´s Tail není nièím neznámým. Jedná se o hru, která navazuje na velkou tradici. Témìø nekoneèná arkádová série pokraèuje a to opìt s dráèkem v hlavní roli. Vaším úkolem bude nyní zachránit draèí øíši od zlého Rudého draka. Aby se vám povedlo, tak musíte znièit všechny drahokamy, jež všude poházel. ...
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Overall 7
Gameplay 7
Control 8
Appearance 7

Playboy: The Mansion

26 March 2005
  • Conclusion: Playboy: The Mansion kombiniert das Gameplay von Die Sims mit, zugegebenermaßen nicht übermäßig komplexen, Elementen einer Wirtschaftssimulation und einem Schuss Erotik. Letztendlich wirkt das Spiel aber weniger sexy als es sich viele potenzielle Käufer vielleicht erhofft haben.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

26 February 2005
  • Conclusion: Spyro: A Hero´s Tail ist ganz klar an die jüngere Generation gerichtet, wird aber trotzdem alte Hasen freudige Stunden am Bildschirm bringen. Gegenüber dem Vorgänger bemerkt man deutlich, dass dieses Mal ein anderes Entwicklerteam verantwortlich war. Der Schwierigkeitsgrad ist zwar nur Durchschnitt aber lässt trotzdem keine Langeweile aufkommen.
  • Pros: Neue spielbare Charaktere, Leicht zu bedienende Steuerung, Einsteigerfreundlicher Schwierigkeitsgrad
  • Cons: Technisch nur Durchschnitt, Zu wenig Innovationen
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