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SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

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Reviews and Problems with SpongeBob SquarePants: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman

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Overall 10

I really love it

benjamin, Amazon
28 August 2012
  • Summary: I relly love it because i like the charaters and the levels and the fliying dutchman's treasures are incredle and i like all the misions and my favourite thing in this game bus stops because are fun and like the different places on bikini botton and I have in those places my favourite place on this videogame is downtown bikini botton. thas why I relly love it this game.
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Overall 10

Why, that's the biggest booty I've ever seen!

Yes ma'am, Amazon
9 February 2004
  • Summary: Why doesn't this game have more stars?! It's really fun. The graphics are great & you get to change spongebob's outfit, he puts on his giant glasses for jellyfishing and then merman's costume. He has a divining rod and leiderhosen (sp?). Also, there is serious abuse of the word booty. Do I have to say more? True it's not very challenging, I rented it and beat it before it was due back. But I had fun just making spongebob skip around with his glasses on.
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Overall 2

This game would've been great... BUT....

Veronica A. "Vero", Amazon
8 January 2004
  • Summary: Unfortunately, the disk I bought has the infamous glitch. I'm going to return it and not bother buying another, since many people have said they had this problem even after buying a new disk. At first I played the game without saving, just attempting to look around, and I kept getting kicked out of the game to a screen informing me that my PS2 couldn't read the disk.
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Overall 8

What Went Wrong?

Rachel, Amazon
28 December 2003
  • Summary: The game starts out good. But then the game resetes the graphics get badder and badder. The Game frezezes every time you go to a new screen. Don't buy someone the game for cristmas!
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Overall 8


Jonathan Mandel, Amazon
25 November 2003
  • Summary: What a cool game. Really enjoy playing with my son, untill it resets itself. Every time we change a scene...bam..reset. Junk.
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Overall 10

# 1 best P.S.2. game ever

8 November 2003
Overall 6


Boxy The Turtle, Amazon
3 September 2003
  • Summary: First of all, this game is very enjoying. Find The Flying Dutchman's treasures and interact with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs and more. Catch jellyfish and spell SPONGEBOB by finding the letters. But, if your game starts freezing every time you enter a new area, welcome to the party. I can't make it out of the first area because the game freezes and quits on me. But, after reading other reviews of this game, it seems that some people don't have freezy games.
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Overall 4

Bad Background

L. Evans, Amazon
9 August 2003
  • Summary: Don't get me wrong, this game is challenging, but it's boring. The places you play in are just the normal places you see in the TV show. One thing that's new is that you don't always battle a flying Dutchman in the TV show, but other than that I don't really like it.
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Overall 8

what's after chum world?

nick Brunell, Amazon
7 August 2003
  • Summary: this is a great game for everyone. i especially like the duck jump, because we cant do a double jump, we bend our knees then jump.there was a glitch at first but now its gone. But when i got to chum world, i couldnt find the bus ticket to goo lagoon. my only guess is to find more of the dutchmans treasures.i keep renting it, and when i get to goo lagoon ill buy it because then finding treasures will be all i have to do.
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Overall 10

spongebob is the best game

daniel kelley, Amazon
21 April 2003
  • Summary: well, spongebob revenge of the flying dutchman is the best game in history. going around bakiney bottom and otherplaces is fun. you can talk to people like patrick,Mr,krabs,squidward,sandy,ect. when you go agenst the flying dutchman, it is very hard. so if you bye it, it is worth your money. good luck!!
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