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Soul Calibur III

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Review – Soul Calibur 3

19 April 2007
  • Conclusion: Time was when Soul games were deep and technical, while Tekken was goofy indulgence. Now it seems the roles are being reversed, and I for one hate to see it. The sheer amount of stuff that you can eventually obtain in SC3 is enough to tempt any fan of the series, but do not be like me. Be strong and don’t support this path. We want deep and balanced fighting and lots of good, fast ways to do it. Don’t give in, draw the line in the sand.
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Overall 9

Soul Calibur III

Game Over Online
23 October 2006
  • Excerpt: The name Soul Calibur brings up fond memories in the minds of many gamers. For most, it brings up memories of a next-generation console, with extreme potential for graphics, and virtually worthless launch titles... except one. That one launch title was essentially why I (and, I would wager, many others) purchased the Dreamcast, and that is where a very large number of my waking and should-have-spent-sleeping hours have gone.
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Soul Calibur III Review

19 September 2006
  • Excerpt: Quarter-circle forward, B, quarter circle back, A. Down-back A+B... Ring Out! Yes, SoulCalibur has returned, and, reassuringly to fans of the series, it still lays down seven Samurai swords worth of stabbity action on all comers to the ultimate beat-em-up crown. First thing you notice when seeking out the fourth iteration of Namco's Soul franchise of games, which first exploded into the arcades as Soul Blade back in 1995 (God, has it been ten years?
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Soul Calibur III – Review

16 September 2006
  • Excerpt: In Soul Calibur III , I am a lowly level 10 Saint-class warrior dressed in a traditional Chinese changbao robe and armed with a magically elongating Monkey King-style quarterstaff. Across from me is my opponent, the 1000 pound, level 60 barbarian, Astaroth, with his 2000 pound "great" sword. The omnipresent announcer chimes "Fight" and I lunge at Astaroth with a wide swing. It's deftly blocked. I sidestep and twirl my staff in big circular attacking motions. No success.
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Overall 9

Soul Calibur III

Playstation Illustrated
22 August 2006
  • Excerpt: Soul Calibur III is, like nearly every fighting game sequel, a refinement of a working engine rather than a full-blown overhaul. Things players loved about past games in the series return and are joined by a few new modes that attempt to make the third game even more console (and replay) friendly than Soul Calibur II . And, in large part, Namco was successful, though the success is not without snags.
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Expert Review

7 August 2006
  • Excerpt: Fights at school were always the most entertaining part of the educational day. You remember the homing-beaconesque call of ‘FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT’ and the crowds that flocked. Some kids would even drag you along if you weren’t already running – a psychotic grin stretched across their faces, their eyes wide with the anticipated excitement. This all in aid of two boys (or girls) attempting to beat one another up.
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Soul Calibur III

27 July 2006

Soul Calibur 3 PlayStation 2 Review

Game Info Wire
30 April 2006
  • Excerpt: “Soul Calibur 3” is the latest in the series, and this sequel is the best it has ever been.
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Overall 9

Soul Calibur III

The Armchair Empire
10 April 2006
  • Conclusion: As always, the Soul Calibur series’ audio continues to impress, largely thanks to Soul Calibur III again going with a sweeping orchestral score. On top of this, the sound effects have a whole lot of punch, especially for those with a decent surround sound system since this game supports THX. Combat itself is quite similar to that in previous Soul Calibur games.
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Overall 8

Expert Review

The Laser
7 April 2006
  • Summary: Namco has consistently improved this long-running franchise over the years and the additions this time around are quite impressive. Giving players the ability to create and customize their own characters is an excellent start, with a custom avatar on screen allowing you to further immerse yourself into the action.
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