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Resident Evil: Dead Aim

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Reviews and Problems with Resident Evil: Dead Aim

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Overall 2

Pretty awful

Frances A., Amazon
9 February 2014
  • Summary: The only good purpose this game served was allowing me to adjust to the PS2 controller. It's slow and repetitive and frankly extremely boring. Its only resemblance to any other Resident Evil game are the zombies, herbs and weapon storage. Everything else is just kind of lame. I'd say buy this if you just want to shoot stuff with the sensation of being in recovery from a coma. hahaa Sorry. It's just really bad.
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Overall 2
Gameplay 4
Graphics 8
Sound 7
Lastability 1

Terrible. Worst resident evil.

MojoRison989 , GameStop
2 February 2011
  • Summary: This game is not Resident evil Dead Aim. It's Dead Aim:Resident evil. This is Not Resident evil. It is a knock-off. Graphics are good. But the game sucks all together. I beat this the day I bought it. There are 2 good points. The first Boss fight, and the end credits. DO NOT BUY THIS! Unless you like sucky games, of course.
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Overall 2

too short

hites, Amazon
12 March 2004
  • Summary: i played this game without the guncom first off. the game is very short compared to other resident evil games. there really are no puzzles to speak of. i beat the game on the medium difficulty in what seemed like no time. if yor are looking for the traditional resident evil gameplay i would not recommend this game.
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Overall 2

wack to the third power

10 December 2003
  • Summary: man if you buy this wack game something is wrong with you mentally. i want to write capcom a hate letter for this game. i dont know what they were thinking makin this crap!
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Overall 2

What a letdown....

M. G. KENSLER, Amazon
3 October 2003
  • Summary: If you are a die hard fan, like I am, this game will completely dissapoint you. I don't know why Capcom is trying to ruin the series by making games like this and Survivor. Even with the Guncon Two it's horrible. The story line is just not intricate and graphically (compared to the others) it's like a coloring book. So, if you want that chill like you get from the other games, you're outta luck.
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Overall 2

done already?

Daniel R. Nass, Amazon
31 July 2003
  • Summary: Great game, but way, way, WAY too short. I just finished in a day, and am very disappointed that I shelled out so much money for a game that is really worth about five bucks. I will now wait patiently for another RE...
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Overall 2

une insulte pour les fans de resident evil...

bellais, Ciao
12 September 2003
  • Summary: Voila je suis fan de toute la série resident evil je les ai tous sur ps1 et sur ps2 il me reste plus qu'a acheter la game cube pour jouer à biohazard. En attendant je me suis précipitée pour acheter Résident evil dead aim. Hélas à mon grand désespoir tout qu'il y a de positif dans ce jeu c'est la qualité graphique. C'est un peu le problème des films de nos jours on vous balance un maximum d'effet mais finalement on s'ennuie car il n'y a aucun suspense.
  • Pros: ????
  • Cons: ???
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