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6.7 out of 10

Rainbow Six 3

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Reviews and Problems with Rainbow Six 3

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Overall 6
Gameplay 7
Graphics 5
Sound 9
Lastability 8

Very Easy

Phillip094 , GameStop
16 October 2011
  • Summary: It's very easy and the graphic are nasty compare with the new games.
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Overall 6

Already traded

Donald S. Mckim "Simple man", Amazon
3 January 2008
  • Summary: I am a big fan of both squad-based cambat, and open-world games. I have been searching for an experiance equal to the Ghost Recon series games for some time. Rainbow six 3 is not it. Absolutely not open-world at all, very linear. As a squad-based tactical shooter, I found it was sub-par. Since you are trapped in tight hallways the whole time, there is little use for the rest of your team, other than when entering a room with multiple doors.
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Overall 6

There's better Tom Clancey games.

Bill.B "Bill", Amazon
4 August 2004
  • Summary: This is a pretty good game with pretty good levels, a competitive Al, and ok graphics. A lot of die hard Tom Clancey fans hate this game. I'm not one of them though but I have played my share of them Splinter Cell, etc.... It has a great virety of weapons but your teammates are kind of smart and dumb. They follow orders ok but they make stupid decisions when in combat. There is an extra level in here unlike the XBOX version.
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Overall 6

Falls short of the X-Box version, but not a bad port overall

Ted Del Prato "technodemon", Amazon
7 April 2004
  • Summary: In the past, I have not been a big fan of the Rainbow Six series...but after playing the X-Box version of Rainbow Six 3, I was quite impressed. The plethora of selectable weapons and realistic environments adds a new twist on the first person shooter genre, allowing the player to guide a team of 3 other individuals in counter-terrorism scenarios. No quirky floating power-ups or monsterous boss battles here, just real-life situations with the stamina of a normal human.
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Overall 6

2.5 Stars. Some Good Ideas That Fall Far Short

Robb Boutros, Amazon
30 March 2004
  • Summary: As the godfather of the squad based counter terror game, I admit that I expected some big things from Rainbow Six 3. But instead what I got was what can be described as alot of good ideas that unfortunately aren't executed very well. In Rainbow Six 3 you play the role of Ding Chavez, the leader of an elite count terrorist group called "Rainbow" commanded by Tom Clancy staple, John Clark.
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Overall 6

Shoot assez traditionnel

Dom "dom35", Amazon
11 December 2004
  • Summary: Rainbow 6 vous place à la tête d'une unité de quatre soldats d'élite (qui tirent plus vite que leur ombre !), spécialisée dans la lutte anti-terroriste. Malgré un petit côté "tactique", Rainbow 6 reste un jeu de shoot traditionnel : les trois autres membres du commando agissent comme un seul homme et nettoient les pièces en deux-temps-trois-mouvements, ce qui limite les options...
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