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Pro Evolution Soccer 2008


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Reviews and Problems with Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

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Overall 10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2): Another Year, Another Masterpiece

DanielBebb, Dooyoo
19 September 2010
  • Summary: THis now 8th Installment of the pro evolution franchise is one of the best football games around when released in 2007. Still ahead of its competitors (FIFA) by a margin but the series has lost dominance over the last few editions. However, Pro Evo is the worlds premier football title. Its loved by casual players to those who are among the worlds best players.
  • Pros: the best football experience money can buy. the Master League
  • Cons: Still not enough real team names for premierleague, new features are nothing special
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Overall 8

Fifa vs. Pro - Pro, but only just

jonnythurston, Dooyoo
4 November 2009
  • Summary: PES 2008 Pro Evo vs. Fifa? The question everyone seems to be asking and no one seems to havve the answer for! For me this was an easy answer it was pro evo everytime. As a purist, pro evo was the only was to go, put simply I would have much more fun playing 2 player on pro rather than fifa. It was just that simple.
  • Pros: Gameplay is great, so much fun with mates
  • Cons: Lacks single player options and manger mode
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Overall 10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2): Football Crazy, Chocolate Mad!

Aceswilder, Dooyoo
4 July 2009
  • Summary: The Pro Evo vs FIFA debate continues, as you may have read in my previous reviews, I can't choose between them, I love both equally. PES 2008 has some fantastic gameplay throughout, but comes with the usual PES flaws, namely and most commonly, defenders shinning the ball into their own net when it actually seems easier to clear it., but thats all part of the fun. The game boasts a wealth of clubs and players, pick your favourites and take on the world.
  • Pros: Brill gameplay, feel the game!
  • Cons: Seriously Addictive
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Overall 8

Pro Evo 8

jimbosimpson1, Dooyoo
3 July 2009
  • Summary: This game has got to be my favourite one of the Pro evolution soccer series, It has the most realistic game play and is definitely on a par with Fifa. However the only thing i dislike about this game is the fact that all the team names are incorrect because I dont think the game makers have the rights or the legal stuff to sort it out. Other than that, the game is a fantastic play.
  • Pros: Good gameplay
  • Cons: No proper team names
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Overall 10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2): Classic Is The Way To Go

AdamFitz, Dooyoo
21 June 2009
  • Summary: The most amazing thing about this game is, even though it wasn't next-gen, which was rumoured to be fantastic on the PS3, XBox360 and PC, which were failures in my opinion, this version was much better than them. It was quite similar to its predecessors Pro Evolution Soccer 5 and 6, which were among my favourite games of all time, but had a few new features, most notably World Tour. This game is ideal for a night in with the lads, you'll get a lot of fun out of it.
  • Pros: Gameplay, Vastness, Originality.
  • Cons: None for me.
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Overall 10

Closest thing to real life football.

Matts09, Dooyoo
17 June 2009
  • Summary: The ultimate football experience. Pro Evolution Soccer gets better and better every year and this edition has not failed to dissapoint. Pro Evo 2008 offers the same free flowing football at your fingertips, the main thing I love about Pro Evo is its soo unpredicatable like in real football, the amount of power you put on your passes, shots, free kicks and corners determines where that ball is going, its soo enjoyable and is the closest thing you'll find to real football...
  • Pros: Gameplay. Graphics.
  • Cons: Made up player names and teams.
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Overall 10

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2): Pro Evo with new elements

middletoncraig, Dooyoo
19 May 2009
  • Summary: The Pro Evolution Soccer series wasn't always top of my gaming agenda. I was originally a Fifa player for many years until all my friends started playing "Pro Evo" and i had no alternative than to switch. I am glad i did because the gameplay and the graphics are so much better than the Fifa games, but the long running issue was that Pro Evo had hardly any of the correct team names (as a supporter of Aston Villa, i don't really like playing as West Midlands Village!!!).
  • Pros: Added mission based game
  • Cons: Still not got some proper team names
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Overall 10

Multiplayer football heaven

robertcoppin, Dooyoo
15 May 2009
  • Summary: Generally, I am not a fan of sports games. They bore me intensely. But let's be honest here: Pro Evolution Soccer is the best games series in the history of computers. This incarnation is no exception. I have to admit here that I buy games like this almost entirely for their multiplayer use.
  • Pros: Multiplayer version is absolutely epic
  • Cons: Single-player version is significantly lacking
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Overall 8

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PS2): Pro Evolution Soccer 2008

adamp111, Dooyoo
13 May 2009
  • Summary: Attempting to answer the most long running of all football game questions is no easy task, and it is a task that is getting more and more difficult. Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 is an improvement on 2007, but is still hindered by the flaws that have plagued the series from start to finish. To start on a positive note, the game play is excellent, and in my opinion is the one key area in which it completely outshines the FIFA series.
  • Pros: Excellent gameplay, solid multiplayer mode.
  • Cons: Poor singleplayer and career modes, lack of licenses.
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Overall 10

Smooth, user-friendly and above all, enjoyable!

simonh7, Dooyoo
24 March 2009
  • Summary: PES 2008 offers an easy-to-play experience coupled with good graphics and simple interface. The game is easy to get in to and is most enjoyable when playing against friends, especially in 'community' mode where you can keep track of how you perform against others in the form of league tables and win ratios etc. For more advanced users there are more extensive gameplay options to suit the keenest of football fans.
  • Pros: Good graphics, strong level of competitiveness
  • Cons: Not all teams are fully liscensed like in Fifa
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