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Reviews and Problems with Obscure: The Aftermath

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PS2/Wii/PC Preview - 'Obscure: The Aftermath'

26 October 2008
  • Summary: Obscure: The Aftermath follows the story of a group of friends attending college who discover that a mysterious black flower, with addictive hallucinogenic effects, also has the terrifying ability to transform people into hideous monsters.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 8
Sound 8
Control 7
Addiction 7

Expert Review

PSX Extreme
26 June 2008
  • Excerpt: this year. The genre doesn’t have a whole lot of games under its flag, but if you know where to look, you can locate some solid, appropriately creepy adventures.
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Obscure: The Aftermath

Game Revolution
6 May 2008
  • Excerpt: Sex, drugs and children's choir? Obscure ... fitting title for a game based on a powerful pollen that turns teenagers into mutants and spreads through sexual contact. This PS2 release is a survival-horror adventure that takes bits and pieces from Resident Evil and Silent Hill , and mixes them up with a similarly bizarre plot and cheesy dialog. The story is based on a flower that is discovered (or manufactured) to have a black pollen which has a hallucinatory effect.
  • Pros: Decent creep factor, Demise looms just around the corner, Solid control, Engaging, Sketchy A.I., Bad save system, Cheesy love story in an already bizarre plot
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Obscure: The Aftermath

19 April 2008
  • Excerpt: Gameplay Basics Obscure: The Aftermath is a survival horror sequel to Obscure. The first of the series featured a bunch of high school kids were victims of a horrific plot, and eventually had to kill their teachers to make it out alive. In Obscure: The Aftermath, the kids are all growed up, and off to college; drinking, partying, taking recreational drugs and screwing themselves silly all the time, you know, stereotypical college stuff, when Bad Stuff Happens.
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