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NFL GameDay 2001

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Reviews and Problems with NFL GameDay 2001

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Overall 2


Dylan, Amazon
6 January 2004
  • Summary: this games graphics,limited options,stupid plays,kindegardenly made,etc.(and i am not joking when i say,etc.)are so incredibaly, horrificly ,dreadful!!!dont waste time thinking about the low offer, go out and buy madden 2003,2004,because any maddens are worth it unlike any gamedays.the same customer who wrote a reiview on killswitch who is 13 for your cocern!!!SO DON'T BUY THIS SUCKY THING THEY CALL A GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Overall 8

good game for the ps2

Michael J. Tian, Amazon
1 August 2003
  • Summary: This game is ok madden is better but this is all right. For the first game on the ps2 for the gameday series it is a good game and a good game to make better wich they did
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Overall 2


"lab13", Amazon
5 August 2002
  • Summary: This game is just terrible! remember madden 98? the graphics are just about the same. When they jump, it's hillarious! This game would look bad for Nintendo. it's about 4 years behind in everything. BUY MADDEN INSTEAD!! you can trust Ea sports, they know how to make 3d games.
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Overall 6

Not enough of an improvement.

"charliekkkk", Amazon
26 May 2002
  • Summary: For PS2, I would have expected the graphics to be better. They do not look as good as Madden's, dragging down the score. The gameplay is still here, and is still quite a bit of fun. The rock music and drum beats help move things along, but it has a few flaws that drag it down.
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Overall 10


Woolsworth Featherbottom "Woolsworth Featherb..., Amazon
22 September 2001
  • Summary: a must have for all gameday fans,but for the other people,don't look for any thing real,anyway what video game ain't real,some people brains are starting to work,its a video game.i like how all the coaches look the same which is a bad thing.
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Overall 2

If Ever There Was A Game That Made Me Nauseous. . .

"lab13", Amazon
31 July 2001
  • Summary: . . . this is it! What a disappointment! This isn't even funny; this is absolutely the most pathetic display of a video game I've ever seen. Madden 94 for the Sega Genesis has better graphics! (Okay, maybe that's exaggerating-- but you get the point). The depth charts are completely out of whack; some defensive line players are playing linebackers positions-- some LBs playing DL positions, etc.
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Overall 2

Football?!? This ain't no football game!

Nick DiLeo, Amazon
2 July 2001
  • Summary: NFL Lameday (you heard me!) 2001 is the worst game you can possibly buy. 989 Studios should give everyone there "money" back. I don't think I would get this for free. Madden has better graphics, better controls, and it is alot funner. The load times are like the gunshot to the head. The only good quality of this ... is the player's talk. Sony needs better standards. If you want a football game, get Madden or go without.
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Overall 4

Not worth the 50 bucks

Neoster13, Amazon
22 May 2001
  • Summary: Well I won't be as harsh as everyone else but this game is not worth forking over 50 bucks. I wouldn't even spend the money to rent this game. The game play totally stinks. I regret paying for this game but it was an impulse buy. The only way this game might be worth it is if you borrow it from some poor sap that regretfully bought it (like me). It has some good points like some of the tackles are actually pretty cool. But other than that not too many pros here.
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Overall 2

What a lame excuse for a game

TIM, Amazon
11 May 2001
  • Summary: one word: trash. This game is laughable.I'm a major football fan and when I finally got my Playstation 2 I drove over to blockbuster to rent both Madden 2001 and Gameday 2001 to see which was better. I arrive home and start playing Madden. Amazing game. Great graphics,gameplay,lots of options,etc. Then I start playing Gameday. Startup menu looks good,lots to chose from. I decide to start with an exibition game.
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Overall 2

Not even for free!

Kyle McAdams, Amazon
8 May 2001
  • Summary: I rented this game for free with a coupon from Movie Gallery. I am SO glad I didnt have to pay for this! I returned my free 5 night rental early. I am glad I didnt waste any money on this poor game.
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