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Killer 7

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Overall 9

Killer7 PS2 Review

Console Obsession
31 May 2010
  • Excerpt: There are many mysteries in life and during its lengthy development cycle, killer7 has been one of them. No one knew what to expect on the gameplay side of things, but something everybody did actually know was that the game featured stylish anime esque visuals. It’s official, games can be art. However, it isn’t only killer7’s lovely visual style that is unique as the game in its entirety is about as far removed from your average title as you could possibly get.
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Overall 4


Thunderbolt Games
16 June 2008
  • Excerpt: killer7 is a very unusual game, and somewhat fittingly it features a very unusual protagonist. It concerns Harman Smith, a wheelchair-bound decrepit old man who also happens to be the world’s most successful assassin[s]. You see, Harman has seven alternate personalities which result in not only a mental but also a complete physical change. The motives, in-fighting and back story of these characters and their victims provides much of the game’s narrative and uniqueness.
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Killer7 Review

19 August 2006
  • Excerpt: It's impossible for the connected gamer not to have heard some of the hype, the questioning curiosity, or even the abrasive sound caused by people scratching their heads and wondering what the @#$#@ this strange game titled Killer7 is about. The devotees of the enchanted school of hardcore gaming, who are relieved to see otaku bizarreness other than the King of All Cosmos with his magnificent codpiece, of course counter the philistine masses to revel in Killer7 's...
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Killer 7 Review

11 July 2006
  • Excerpt: A wall ahead of you has some nonsensical text written on it. A rather freaky bystander informs you that the text isn't exactly as it seems; some of it is written in blood. He also tells you that the girl can tell what is written in blood and what isn't. An obvious puzzle, but the way it is solved is anything but ordinary. You switch to the young woman and perform her rather special ability.
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Overall 5

Killer 7 review (PS2)

18 October 2005
  • Excerpt: Killer 7 is like coming across a one-legged dog at a circus freak show.
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Overall 9

Killer 7

games xtreme
30 August 2005
  • Summary: Wheelchair bound assasin with seven split personalities inside his head. Well the story is freaky enough, whats the game like?
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Killer 7

15 August 2005
  • Excerpt: Alan tries to get to grips with playing as a character with a split personality and is left confused.
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Killer 7

hardware heaven
22 July 2005
  • Excerpt: The Killer 7 are a group of international super assassins led by a man named Harman in a world without use of nuclear arms and a generation unknowing of terrorism. Or so your character thinks. In fact after playing this game and I’m still not entirely sure what was real and what wasn’t. Where do I begin?
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 9

Expert Review

8 July 2005
  • Conclusion: THE VERDICT: A perfectly polished, well crafted and wonderfully presented game, many elements of which are designed to challenge both game players and developers; even perhaps to challenge the concept of what a game can be. Its worth cannot be underestimated; however, its appeal will be incredibly narrow. Of the Capcom 5, this is without doubt the bravest release.
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Killer7 Review

7 July 2005
  • Excerpt: You'll just have to shoot first and ask questions later in Killer7, Capcom's self-proclaimed "surreal action adventure game" that lets you "step into the mind of an assassin." This is appropriate billing for a game that wears its edginess on its sleeve and might well leave you feeling cold at first, between its seemingly nonsensical storyline and its surprisingly simple mechanics.
  • Pros: Mind-melting plot and story sequences will make you talk, Impressively stylized presentation, Lengthy adventure offers added replay value, Outstanding soundtrack
  • Cons: Simplistic action and puzzle-solving can get tedious, Mature-themed content sometimes feels forced, Some noticeable shortcomings in an otherwise-great presentation
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