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6.2 out of 10

Growlanser: Heritage of War

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Reviews and Problems with Growlanser: Heritage of War

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Review – Growlanser: Heritage of War

chris, videolamer
24 January 2008
  • Conclusion: Sorry, Pat, didn’t catch this before Compared to GL2, there are a lot more RPG elements. There is still a pretty strong difficulty balance – only one part of Chapter 2 was especially tough, but almost all maps gave enough challenge to be fun. This game also runs faster than GL2. It’s a lot more streamlined-feeling and has somewhat better voice acting. Translation may not be quite as great in general but it’s still pretty much a solid job.
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Review – Growlanser: Heritage of War

pat, videolamer
22 January 2008
  • Conclusion: nice writeup. i bought growlanser generations a few years back. fortunately i was “in between” jobs at the time and got a chance to play all of the first and some of the second. i really like the battle system. the fact that you can pass maps in different ways (some ways are definitely better than others) was a fun and challenging twist. how similar is this game to those, especially the first (since i have more experience with it)?
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Overall 2
Sound quality 2

Growlanser - Heritage of War - Confusing and stupid

NegativeG, Ciao
2 August 2011
  • Excerpt: Growlanser Heritage of War is a role playing game for the PlayStation 2. I like role playing games but Growlanser takes it to a whole new level. Firstly, every time someone talks (and it is a lot), the whole screen freezes and writes the text out at the speed of a three year old. You can speed this up by pressing the O button. Then, when they have said their one sentence, you have to press the X button for the next sentence. A whole conversation is painful.
  • Pros: Erm .  .  .  .
  • Cons: Absolutely none .  Most confusing, stupid game I have ever played .  Pathetic .
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Overall 8

Another Quality PS2 RPG!!!

Sofa Cinema
19 April 2008
Overall 8

Solange man seine Prioritäten kennt...

N. Saddig, Amazon
18 December 2008
  • Summary: Growlanser: Heritage of War ist ein klassisches Rollenspiel mit Strategie-Elementen, das in Japan bereits 2006 veröffentlicht wurde und über zwei Jahre später nun auch Europa erreicht hat. Es ist bereits das fünfte Spiel in der Growlanser-Reihe von Atlus, jedoch unabhängig von den Vorgängern spielbar. Leider gibt Amazon nur "ganze" Sterne vor - es hätte drei dreiviertel Sterne verdient, oder anders ausgedrückt, eine Sieben von Zehn.
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