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Gradius III & IV

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Reviews and Problems with Gradius III & IV

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Overall 10

These games can be incredibly fun...

Cieje3 "Cieje3", Amazon
5 January 2014
  • Summary: ...If intense difficulty and aggravation equates fun in your vocabulary, that is. These two titles are from a perhaps bygone age of shmups which were as rewarding as they were difficult. This Playstation2 launch title is a bit rare, and really only worth more than say, $20 if you know what you're getting into. Still worth trying out if you're collecting classic games.
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Overall 8

Great Classic arcade game!

Kelly L Hanson, Amazon
29 November 2013
  • Summary: This version of the game is the arcade version which is a lot harder than the original SNES Gradius III, which I never played, but once you get used to it, it is still a fun classic to play and can still hold it own with newer, better graphic games.
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Overall 2

Hacked Tripe Versions of Arcade and SNES Classics

S. Morales, Amazon
23 June 2012
  • Summary: Let me start off by saying that back in the day of the Super Nintendo, I did own Gradius 3 and had an absolute blast with it. The game's graphics, music and gameplay were standout gorgeous, I loved it. Granted, I have never played Gradius 4 but figured it would be just as good if not better than the G3 that I remember from back in the day. The versions on this PS2 console are an embarrassment to the PS2's capability.
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Overall 10

Great Game!

riker1960, Amazon
3 December 2011
  • Summary: We played an older version of this game back in the 80's. Great to see it's still around. Fantastic Shooter Game.
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Overall 10

Old Skool done right!

Video Game History "Gamer 4 life", Amazon
14 January 2010
  • Summary: Great! also check out Gradius V made by TREASURE!! that's right, Konami had Treasure produce the game!
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Overall 4

Regression - extremely disappointing

M. Kane "former college radio dj who thought ..., Amazon
20 June 2008
  • Summary: When I saw that there were PS2 adaptations of Gradius III and IV, I was extremely excited, having seen friends play Gradius V in times past. This disc is NOT an adequate substitute for Gradius V. The games appear to run in an emulator at low resolution without any new graphics whatsoever. A previous reviewer has the idea: the SNES version of Gradius III is far better. This version actually has fewer weapons and options!
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Overall 10

gradius 3 &4

Mark A. Henry "chevytrk", Amazon
5 April 2005
  • Summary: great game!!! i used to play it when i was younger. just wonted to add to my collection. i recieved it in a timely matter in great shape. with alll that the seller said it came with.
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Overall 10

Man.................... good luck

Darkjedi "bring it on", Amazon
18 August 2004
  • Summary: youll need it this game is tough and like many reviews before me have stated its not for everyone but im not one to give up easy so im keeping it anyway rtype is childs play compared to this but I love a good challenge so if you want a game that will keep you up all night and fustrated all day this is the game for you good luck stay sharp and have fun.
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Overall 10

For fans of oldschool shooters, this is PURE GAMING HEAVEN!

M. B. Link "wildfirelink", Amazon
10 January 2004
  • Summary: Gradius III & IV(2000). A PS2 collection of two classic arcade space shooters. Back in the 80s and early 90s, space shooters were a very popular breed of arcade game. The first many didn't offer much more than just firing at endless ships over and over again, but several others opted to add something unique to the formula.
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Overall 10

There's Still A Place For Side Scrolling Action

C. Kim, Amazon
8 December 2003
  • Summary: When I grew up, I had a Nintendo and then a Genesis. These systems had awesome, fun games. Then when PS1 and N64 came out, game developers tried to take every game that was cool on previous systems and make it 3-D. Usually, these games were not nearly as cool or fun as their side scrolling predecessors from the past. For example, Castlevania was cool on NES but terrible on N64.
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