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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

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Reviews and Problems with Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

The Armchair Empire
20 November 2006
  • Conclusion: performance of your team as a whole. The game includes solo, team, and championship modes as well as split-screen multi-player for two players. There is a tutorial mode and some challenges also, but no online mode is included. I’m going to have a lot of negative things to say here, so I’ll start with the positive. The game includes a nice selection of Ford vehicles that are accurately-modeled and pretty good looking.
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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing Review

25 October 2006
  • Excerpt: Ford Bold Moves Street Racing for the PlayStation Portable is a handheld version of the underwhelming Xbox/PS2/PC game that features plenty of Ford-brand cars and trucks racing around the highways and byways of Los Angeles. Surprisingly, the game looks and plays best on the PSP; unfortunately, that simply isn't enough to redeem this uninspired, vanilla street-racing game.
  • Pros: Graphics look best on the PSP, Team racing concept is a good one, Better menu presentation
  • Cons: Braindead AI, Races blend together after a while, Uninspiring soundtrack, Team racing mechanic doesn't live up to the concept, Twenty bucks more than the console game
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Overall 4
Gameplay 4
Graphics 5
Sound 4
Replay value 3

Expert Review

Video Game talk
24 October 2006
  • Conclusion: Admittedly there are a couple of things that this game gets right. Some of the modes offer better than average features and a couple of the options to explore are interesting. Beyond those two saving graces Ford Bold Moves Street Racing is a below average title that will be finding its way into bargain bins in no time. Clunky gameplay and cheap AI don't make for a fun experience. A bland presentation doesn't help soften the blow either.
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Overall 7

Expert Review

Game Over Online
23 October 2006
  • Excerpt: Despite that, I've got to give the developers credit for trying something new here. They could have just stamped out a completely generic racer, but they didn't, and their effort paid off. The execution of the real-time teammate switching is superb. Thanks to sharp controls (switching is done by pressing up or down on the d-pad), you can keep all of your drivers in the lead quickly, without losing sight of where anyone is on the track, or where they are in relation to...
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Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

17 October 2006
  • Conclusion: The presentation in Bold Moves is straightforward and unglamorous. The cars themselves look fine, and there are no frame rate issues to complain about. The race environments--mostly urban reproductions of Los Angeles and surrounding areas--are dull, lifeless, and an absolute bore to look at (which, come to think of it, is a pretty apt description of downtown LA).
  • Pros: Team concept is a good one, car models look fine, Ford is way better than Chevy.
  • Cons: Stupid artificial intelligence, damage and collision models underwhelming, even toughest races are easy to win, little variety to tracks, little sense of speed.
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Overall 7

[Mini-Review] Ford Bold Moves Street Racing

9 October 2006
  • Conclusion: Though there are some very solid concepts in place here, the execution feels unnecessarily limited. With better AI, more cars, and perhaps just a little more variety, this could have been a game that bucked the trend of budget releases. COULD have.
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