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Extreme-G 3

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Reviews and Problems with Extreme-G 3

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Overall 8

Extreme - G 3 (PS2): Extreme-ly Fun!

heekeer, Dooyoo
14 August 2009
  • Summary: Extreme G 3 is a racing game for the Playstation 2 developed by Acclaim. The games career mode is where you will want to spend most of your time, there is no story to speak of just racing action so don't buy it if you are looking for anything with a tale to tell! Here you will start off your racing career in the 250G (slowest) class and as you progress through the games championships you will eventually be able to unlock the 1000G championships.
  • Pros: Fast paced, sense of speed, tactical racing
  • Cons: Can be initially difficult
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Overall 8

Extreme G 3 - race on Acclaim

will r seymour, Dooyoo
12 April 2003
  • Summary: Extreme-G 3 This must be one of the most mind blowing games that Acclaim has ever produced, it totally shook me and I?ve not found a better racing game since. I purchased this game for the Nintendo Gamecube assuming you just go around racing each other in extremely trendy and state of the art superbikes, but as usual in my life, I was wrong.
  • Pros: grapics, the bikes, the weapons
  • Cons: too hard
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Overall 10

Extreme - G 3 (PS2): XTREME Racer Too The Future.

Chris21uk, Dooyoo
20 November 2001
  • Summary: Get ready for the most insane ride of your life with Extreme G 3, the futuristic biker racer that reaches the speed of sound and more. If you make a mistake your out of the race completely. Use turbo boosts, futuristic weapons and your own racing skills to defeat the 11 other opponents including a human player which is very cool when you boost by them on the twisting tracks that make up the Extreme G racing circuit.
  • Pros: Graphics, Sound, Speed
  • Cons: Hard
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Overall 6

"Extremely" fast, feel the "G" force!!

nakedchoke, Dooyoo
7 November 2001
  • Summary: This is the third in the series of extreme-g games from acclaim. The original came out on the N64 about 4 years ago and was obviously trying to get onto the wipeout bandwagon. It was very fast although it didn't have the great weapons and handling that wipeout possessed it was still very enjoyable. Now the third incarnation explodes onto the PS2 filling the void of insanely fast futuristic racer until Wipeout Fusion is released.
  • Pros: exhilirating sense of speed, great visuals, nice sound effects
  • Cons: nothing new, wipeout fusion will surpase it
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Overall 8


jamespugh, Dooyoo
4 October 2001
  • Summary: The Extreme G games have been around for some time now; some may be surprised, those who have not owned the best console ever, the Nintendo 64 will have not have heard of Extreme G. The first, the original Extreme G appeared on the N64 and came on the scene very soon after the N64 launched. It was a designed to be a fast paced futuristic racing game, but never seemed to pull it off on the N64.
  • Pros: Excellent graphics , Very fast
  • Cons: Same as Wipeout
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Overall 8

My eyes, my beautiful eyes

28 September 2001
  • Summary: Extreme- G3 has all the necessary requirements of a kick-ass high speed racer – futuristic bikes, twisting tracks, weapons-based on combat racing, in fact it even improves on previous versions tenfold and it runs so fast your eyeballs will overload with eye-candy and puke up on the floor. Initially though, it is a little unimpressive on the visual front.
  • Pros: In op
  • Cons: In op
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Overall 8

Extreme - G 3 (PS2): Come on, keep up!!

27 September 2001
  • Summary: Title: Extreme G 3 Format: PS2 Publisher: Acclaim Extreme G3 is the latest release from Acclaim, allowing gamers to ride around on super fast futuristic bikes causing mayhem and destruction along the way. It’s inevitable that it’s going to be compared to the highly anticipated and much hyped Wipeout Fusion but in fact they are two quite different titles.
  • Pros: Fast, Gorgeous graphics, Better than ever
  • Cons: Difficult at times
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Overall 6

Extremely hard!

Mr Wakeman, Dooyoo
31 August 2001
  • Summary: WipEout was one of the biggest hits on the original Playstation, and as such spawned many inferior clones that were trying to be something they weren’t. Now that WipEout fusion is planned for a Christmas release on the PS2 Extreme G3 has shown up, if only to keep us happy in the meantime. The Extreme G series originated on the N64, giving the Nintendo owners what was essentially WipEout but with bikes.
  • Pros: Looks nice, fast , no slowdown
  • Cons: Way too hard, unusual menu layout
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Overall 8


elvirat, Ciao
22 April 2005
  • Summary: Hallo, endlich traue ich mich einmal, einen eigenen Bericht über ein Videospiel zu schreiben, wenn ich auch gesehen habe, dass hier teilweise beeindruckend gut über diese geschrieben wird und ich da wohl nicht ganz mithalten kann. Aber egal, ich erzähle Euch über ein Spiel, mit dem in erster Linie mein Sohn und auch mein Mann zu tun hatten und erst viel später ich mich mit diesem Spiel befassen musste und später dies auch gerne öfter freiwillig tat.
  • Pros: Wahnsinnig hohe Spielgeschwindigkeit, sehr bunte Grafik, Dolby - Surround, lange Spieldauer, alleine und auch zu mehreren interessant
  • Cons: Doch sehr hektisch, Steuerung zu sensibel und sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig, hohe Anforderungen
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Overall 8

Une très bonne alternative à Wipeout

Mr. Kevin Baillon "...", Amazon
3 December 2004
  • Summary: Extreme G est une série de jeu de course dans la lignée de Wipeout. Autrement dit, c'est un jeu de course futuriste (décors futuristes, musique électro, vitesse stratosphérique et circuits tortueux) où les réflexes sont de mises. Si vous aimez la vitesse et que les jeux de formule 1 vous semblent trop terre à terre, ce jeu est pour vous.
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