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Reviews and Problems with Evergrace

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EverGrace – Review

31 December 2001
  • Excerpt: As the resident FromSoft admirer here at GameCritics.com, I usually take every chance I get to recommend some of their finer works and help bring this tragically unsung studio into the spotlight. Ive spent time with nearly every game theyve made, and loved (or at least had a really good friendship) with each one until now.
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Overall 8


Playstation Illustrated
23 August 2001
  • Excerpt: The viewpoint in Evergrace is third-person, as opposed to Eternal Ring 's first-person viewpoint. This makes for a few nice things, such as the ability to see what your character is wearing -- something that too few RPGs do. But it also makes for a few really irritating situations. For example, one of the main characters (Sharline) primarily uses ranged weapons, but the viewpoint rarely shows what you need it to. It's even worse in small, enclosed spaces like rooms.
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Overall 5
Gameplay 5
Graphics 8
Sound 4


Game Boyz
2 August 2001
  • Excerpt: Published by: Agetec Developed by: Agetec Da Introduction: Is there really a story line in this loosely classified RPG? Supposedly... something about the Rieubane empire, a crazy scientist named Morpheus, and top secret experiments in the Human Research Laboratory. It doesn't really matter.
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3 weeks ago
  • Excerpt: Hundert Jahre später erinnern sich die Leute nur noch in Legenden und Sagen an Rieubane. Doch immer wieder werden Leute auf dem Edinbury-Kontinent geboren, die das Zeichen des Crests tragen. Doch die Bevölkerung meidet diese Personen und nennt das Crest nur das Mal des Fluches'.
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Overall 6
Gameplay 5
Graphics 7
Sound 7
Lastability 7


8 January 2002
  • Excerpt: Entre Orphen et Eternal Ring, les joueurs fidèles à la Playstation 2 ne sont décidément pas très gâtés en matière de RPG. En attendant de savoir si Dark Cloud va réussir à inverser la tendance, penchons-nous sur cet Evergrace à mi-chemin entre le jeu d'action et le jeu de rôle.
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Overall 6


21 October 2001
  • Excerpt: Fra folkene bag de to Playstation 2 spil Eternal Ring og Armored Core kommer nu endnu et rollespil ved navn EverGrace. Spillet er muligvis det bedste rollespil til Playstation 2 i øjeblikket, men det siger uendeligt lidt, for sandheden er at EverGrace er utroligt middelmådigt og kun egner sig til virkelige rollespil fans, der bare ikke kan holde ud ikke at have rollespil til deres Playstation 2 længere.
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