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4.2 out of 10

Eternal Ring

A young magician is sent by his King to investigate the strange Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Eternal Ring

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Overall 6
Sound quality 10
Gameplay 10
Graphics 8

Eternal ring

rayner, Ciao
15 February 2001
  • Excerpt: "Eternal Ring, at times, is a very pretty game. The frame rate is constant, and the character and monster animations are nicely done. Too much of the game, though, is fought in tight environs, giving the game an old-school corridor-crawl look. The textures of the hallways, tunnels, and caves are beautiful, but the PS2's muscle should be able to crank out more than just high-poly-count claustrophobia. Outdoor views are usually shrouded by fog. Yes, ...
  • Pros: none
  • Cons: nie
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Overall 6


gwboo37, Ciao
8 February 2001
  • Excerpt: "On looking at the graphics on the back of the case you assume you are buying a good Adventure game. But hold on a minute when you place the cd into the drive and run the game things just dont look as good. The graphics are nice but jerky and the controls are just as bad. Gameplay i found a little repetative you just wander round trying to find rings which you can sell to buy better weapons. But you find out that you sometimes have to do the same level ...
  • Pros: Some nice graphics in certain places
  • Cons: Very Repetative game with bad control system
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Overall 6

User Review

anonym, Dooyoo
2 December 2000
  • Excerpt: I'm a huge RPG fan, and got this immediately for the PS2. You are Cain, son of a noble father who wishes to help the King. A typical beginning, and unfortunately the first-person shooter graphics are also of Playstation-One quality, hardly taking advantage of the speed and power of the PS2. The cut scenes are uninspiring, with mouths moving much longer than it takes to get through the text.
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Overall 6

Auf den Spuren von Kings Field

Sly_Boots, Ciao
6 March 2013
  • Summary: Entwickler: From Software Publisher: Ubisoft System: PS2 Genre: Action-RPG Sprache: Englisch Altersfreigabe: 12 Einleitung: Stell dir vor es ist ein japanischer Entwickler der gerne West-RPG's für Sony-Konsolen programmiert. Na? Von wem spreche ich wohl? Richtig, von From Software!
  • Pros: gelungenes Ring - Crafting - System / interessante Story / gute Steuerung
  • Cons: hässliche Grafik, peinliche Animationen / schlechte PAL - Anpassung / Spiel ist zu kurz
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Overall 6

Wenn man Ringe sammeln will

robertinus, Ciao
26 February 2001
  • Summary: Eternal Ring könnte man ein bischen mit Diablo vergleichen da man hier auch Gegenstände sammeln muß damit man gegen einen Gegner eine Chance hat. So muß man, wie es der Name schon sagt, den Eternal Ring finden, der von einem mächtigem Gegner in Besitz genommen wurde. Eternal Ring ist eigentlich wie jedes andere Rollenspiel auch, nur daß die Grafik etwas besser ist als auf der Playstation.
  • Pros: -
  • Cons: nnicht gerade gute Grafik, etwas eintönig
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