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Overall 6


Playstation Illustrated
31 March 2007
  • Excerpt: Eragon comes to us from Vivendi Games, and crafted by Stormfront Studios, makers of the eerily similar Lord of the Rings: The Twin Towers for multiple platforms back in Fall 2002. The game itself is based upon the novel by Christopher Paolini, from the popular Inheritance Trilogy. It harkens back to many Tolkein-esque themes such as dragons, magic and other fantasy elements. Does Eragon improve upon this solid model of hack-n-slash goodness?
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Expert Review

8 January 2007
  • Conclusion: After experiencing this dogged title that comes late in the PS2 life cycle it’s impossible to recommend it, if you are really fiending for any kind of brawler or beat-em-up then pass on Eragon and just pick up God of War or wait for its sequel to come out in March.
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11 December 2006
  • Conclusion: Both as an action adventure game, and a licensed work, Eragon comes across as substandard in just about every way imaginable. It feels like an unfinished game that was rushed through to release in time for the movie to appear in theaters. The combat is repetitive, the presentation is dull and lifeless, and the entire game suffers from an apparent lack of effort.
  • Pros: Some of the magic attacks are fun to use at first.
  • Cons: Combat is extremely repetitive and tedious, Poor hit detection, buggy artificial intelligence, frustrating camera angles, The game is short and has very little replay value, Local multiplayer only, no online play, Ugly character models, jerky animations, and an all-around lackluster presentation.
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Overall 5
Gameplay 5
Graphics 8
Sound 6
Control 5
Addiction 3

Expert Review

PSX Extreme
7 December 2006
  • Excerpt: is experiencing massive success beyond the novel. The feature film will soon hit theatres on December 15, and as usual, such success goes hand-in-hand with a video game release. Sporting the story of a young man and his dragon, the concept is stellar and the action is evident, which should translate beautifully to either the big-screen or the game world.
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Overall 7


Sofa Cinema
23 July 2007
Overall 4


26 March 2007
  • Conclusion: Eragon is a cynic’s delight. Half-finished film tie-ins are rushed out to coincide with the other merchandise releases but always, always squander the potential of what could be a good game by cutting corners everywhere, leaving you with a mess of a game. I just regret not being able to release this review sooner; now people across the globe will be forced to play this game because they bought it for their child or their parents bought it for them.
  • Pros: There’s a dragon, …it looks a bit like Lord of the Rings
  • Cons: It’s not a very good dragon, It certainly ‘aint Lord of the Rings, Simple gameplay, Flawed graphics, Rubbish camera
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Overall 5

Eragon – PS2

Pocket Lint
25 March 2007
  • Pros: Plenty of fighting to be done
  • Cons: Too linear, unoriginal, shameless movie tie-in
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Overall 4

Eragon PS2 Review

9 January 2007
  • Excerpt: Recently there have a few interesting, and dare I say borderline playable movie to game tie-ins, but unfortunately Eragon feels like a big step back in the wrong direction. It is a game basically made to promote the movie – on top of that it also feels like a very rushed work, offers little to no incentive to play, and all in all is just not very entertaining. The last few lines are no doubt a very harsh intro for a review, but that is honestly how I feel about the game.
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Overall 4

Eragon Review

6 December 2006
Overall 4


23 February 2008
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