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Dynasty Warriors 5

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Reviews and Problems with Dynasty Warriors 5

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Overall 5

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3 December 2005
  • Excerpt: makes it really hard to tell just what it is that KOEI uses as the formula to determine whether a new entry in the series gets a new number or a spin-off title. There are some new tweaks and content such as characters as well as a few improvements to gameplay. None of the additions or refinements really justifies an entire new game, though, especially when elements of Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires don't all get carried into this title.
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Overall 3
Gameplay 3
Graphics 3
Sound 2
Storyline 3
Lifespan 4

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Gaming Addicts Network
26 July 2005
  • Excerpt: The turbulent Three Kingdoms period of China’s history has elicited a substantial amount of media attention. From the infamous Romance of the Three Kingdoms books to the upcoming movie based on the Battle of Red Cliffs, the Three Kingdoms of Wu, Shu and Wei get a lot of press even thousands of years after they are long gone.
  • Pros: + New characters and updated maps.
  • Cons: - Audio is the same craptastic quality as before.
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Dynasty Warriors 5

20 July 2005
  • Excerpt: Another game falls to Sam's spear. We take a look at the latest game in the long running franchise.
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Dynasty Warriors 5

30 March 2005
  • Conclusion: Dynasty Warriors 5 is a game that feels like déjà vu all over again. While diehard fans of the series will probably once again enjoy being able to slice their way through all the same battles once again, even they may be disappointed at the removal of the empire mode, which is seemingly for no good reason, save perhaps to add it back in for another Empires spin-off.
  • Pros: Bodyguard system has been upgraded, and the stronghold system adds some much-needed variety, Smooth frame rate, despite there being tons and tons of enemies onscreen, 48 playable characters, each with his or her own unique storyline.
  • Cons: Cool features found in Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires have been removed here, The core gameplay just feels extremely tired after so many iterations, Cheesy voice acting and soundtrack.
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Dynasty Warriors 5 -

17 July 2005
  • Excerpt: There is little doubt that one of the biggest success stories of the current generation has been the massive popularity of Koei's
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Overall 8

Dynasty Warriors 5 Review

12 July 2005
  • Summary: The warriors from the Three Kingdoms return for another year, with some much needed improvements.
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Dynasty Warriors 5

15 June 2014
  • Excerpt: Fans von möglichst actionreichen Massenkämpfen kamen bei der ‘Dynasty Warriors’-Serie aus dem Hause Koei bisher eigentlich immer ganz gut auf ihre Kosten. Mittlerweile liegt bereits die fünfte Episode vor, die wir für euch unter die Lupe genommen haben.
  • Pros: packende Massenschlachten, imposante Special-Moves, Challenge-Modus recht nett, große Auswahl an Charakteren...
  • Cons: ... die jedoch zu ähnlich sind, auf Dauer eintönig, grafisch angestaubt, miese Sprecher
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Overall 7

Dynasty Warriors 5

2 March 2014
  • Summary: Dynasty Warriors 5 est un jeu qui plaira définitivement beaucoup aux fans de la série, qui l'ont probablement déjà dans leur collection au moment où j'écris ces mots. Pour les autres, le fait que le jeu est, comme mentionné précédemment, très répétitif, fait en sorte que certains l'aiment et d'autres pas. Je recommande donc de commencer par le louer, pour voir si vous aimez le style, et ensuite de l'acheter si vous aimez.
  • Pros: -Histoire vue selon le personnage contrôlé dans le mode «musou», ce qui donne un point de vue individuel sur les évènements - Beaucoup de personnages à utiliser - Contrôles très accessibles, comme pour les jeux précédents - Énorméments d'armes et items secrets à trouver
  • Cons: - Bogues d'animation dans les graphismes - Voix qui laisse à désirer - Le jeu est encore répétitif, comme ses prédécésseurs
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Dynasty Warriors 5 de Playstation 2

15 July 2006
  • Summary: 48 personajes nuevos te esperan en esta nueva entrega de uno de los juegos más vendidos y aclamados en el País Nipón, la salida de Dinasty Warrior en su tiempo supuso el gran favoritismo para PS2 en el país del sol naciente y catapulto sus ventas para convertirla en la consola casera líder.
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Overall 8

Dynasty Warriors 5

12 July 2006
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