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Disaster Report

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Reviews and Problems with Disaster Report

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Overall 8

Disaster Report

1 February 2013
  • Excerpt: Keith Helm is about to have a very bad day. Living as a reporter on the manmade Stiver Island, Keith is caught in the wrong place at the wrong time when a massive earthquake strikes. Cut off from civilization, he must make his way to safety, during which he'll encounter other survivors, establish working relationships with them, and uncover details that suggest this disaster may've been unnatural in origin.
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Overall 7

Disaster Report review (PS2)

29 August 2009
  • Excerpt: can prompt an aftershock and a split-second decision. There are instances where Keith needs to ignore the shaking ground and just run like hell. The rush from knowing Death is following one step behind – always – is something that we game-players savor. In the middle of a catastrophe, there's no shortage of ways to be caught.
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Review – Disaster Report

11 April 2006
  • Conclusion: Without question, Disaster Report has some serious flaws. In my opinion it is still worth playing, however. It does not require a huge investment of time or money, and ends up being a fairly engrossing title. Basically it rates low on playability, but high on innovation, so jaded or adventurous gamers would most likely find it worthwhile.
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Overall 8

Disaster Report

Game Over Online
3 April 2003
  • Excerpt: Disaster Report, also known as Zettai Zetsumei Toshi in Japan and S.O.S. Escape in Europe, is a game that pits you against the most merciless destructive force known to mankind: Mother Nature. That’s right, this third-person survival game doesn’t feature bloodthirsty zombies, mutagenic monsters, or over-fed seagulls with lasers attached to their heads, instead opting for a more reality-based terror in the form of devastating seismic quakes, resulting in the complete...
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Disaster Report Review

26 February 2003
  • Excerpt: Often, it seems developers are very eager to adhere to well-worn premises and gameplay mechanics out of fear of alienating potential customers. This was obviously not a concern for Irem when it was developing Disaster Report, which has an original premise and some unique gameplay mechanics and takes inspiration from a myriad of sources.
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Expert Review

4 November 2004
  • Excerpt: Ah. There's nothing that brings abit of dread to me than the yearly coming of the Disaster genre movies. Nothing worse than that genre by far. Disaster movies, which pits nature against man in a variety of ways. Movies like Twister, Volcano, Dante's Peak and the recent Day After Tomorrow. But did you know that you can, in fact, split the disaster genre into categories (the more severe the disaster movie the higher the number).
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Overall 6
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 6
Lastability 7
Originality 7

SOS: The Final Escape Review

27 January 2003
  • Summary: We take a look at the quirky survival/horror title set on an earthquake stricken island...
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Overall 8

Disaster Report

30 June 2004
  • Conclusion: Independente dos defeitos técnicos, Disaster Report é um jogo bem ambicioso, imersivo, com uma ambientação interessantíssima e uma aventura totalmente verossímil. Recomendado para quem privilegia o conteúdo sobre a forma.
  • Pros: Desastres espetaculares; + Cenários vastos e realistas; + Aventura original, interessante e verossímil; + Bifurcações na trama prolongam a aventura.
  • Cons: Slow-down pra todo lado; - Alguns sons, como os dos passos, são terríveis; - A câmera é uma desgraça e atrapalha bastante a jogabilidade.
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