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6.7 out of 10

Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad

CONFLICT: DESERT STORM 2 - BACK TO BAGHDAD is a prequel to the e Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad

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Conflict: Desert Storm II

The Armchair Empire
10 December 2007
  • Conclusion: Since DSII is a squad base game, naturally squad commands are built right into the control scheme. Mastering them will take a while but with a little practice they become second nature. Using squad commands you can make your squad fall back to you, go to a certain point on the map, hold fire and stand ground. The only substantial problem is the god-awful sniper rifle.
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Overall 7

Conflict: Desert Storm II - Back to Baghdad review (PS2)

8 November 2006
  • Excerpt: Shoot them in the leg and watch the blood well up in the affected joint and a supporting hand cover the wound; chuck a grenade at them and watch as they panic and flee; waste a flare gun round on one, and watch him flail about on fire before smouldering into an ashen heap at your feet. You could almost feel sorry for them.
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Overall 9

Expert Review

16 May 2004
  • Excerpt: The ongoing war with Iraq is indeed a sensitive issue, and has been since Desert Storm took place way back when. The original Conflict: Desert Storm didn’t really seem to worry about that, as it put you in charge of four crack commandos as they attempted to blow the hell out of the ‘evil dictator’ and his regime in the Middle East. No names, no pack drill and all that. This time, the US release has the subtitle of Back to Baghdad ‘ just so you know where you stand.
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Overall 6
Gameplay 5
Graphics 7
Sound 7

Conflict: Desert Storm 2

The Next Level
11 November 2003
  • Excerpt: The interface remains remarkably similar to the first game and, after a bit of practice, the individuals and squads are relatively easily controlled. Changing the item "in hand", whether it be the AK-47 that you just found or the medkit that you’ll need to use once in a while, can be a bit irritating and quirky as it freezes your character while you switch. Better planning can alleviate this, but it remains a cumbersome element of the game.
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Overall 7

Conflict: Desert Storm II – Back To Baghdad

27 October 2003
  • Excerpt: Last year's Conflict: Desert Storm did a decent job of capturing the basic feeling of the events that took place back in the early '90s when Operation: Desert Storm had nearly everyone (including the UN) in agreement that action had to be taken. Over a decade ago, there was a clear enemy and it was a great way to show off military power, not to mention a fantastic conduit to demonstrate a squad-based action game with real-work influences.
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Overall 8

Conflict: Desert Storm 2

Geek Culture
10 September 2003
  • Conclusion: Faktaboks Medie PlayStation 2 Udgivelsesdato 26. sep 2003 Format PAL Udvikler Pivotal Games Udgiver SCI (Sales Curve Interactive) Udlånt af Ubisoft Website www.conflict.com/con[...] Se også: PlayStation 2: Conflict: Vietnam Kommentarer Ingen Spilfeatures Antal spillere 1-4 ELSPA rating 16+ Onlinespil nej Link nej Valg af 50/60 Hz ja 16:9 Widescreen ja Understøtter: MultiTap Billeder Andre artikler af MP PlayStation 2: TimeSplitters 2 ( 1 ) Xbox 360: Call of Duty 4:...
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Overall 7

Conflict: Desert Storm 2

10 September 2003
  • Conclusion: En resumen podemos decir que Conflict: Desert Storm II es un juego muy entretenido repleto de acción donde tanto los amantes de esta como los de la estrategia podrán disfrutar, digno de su exitoso predecesor. Multitud de armas están a nuestra disposición para cumplir nuestra misión y cada uno de nuestros personajes será especialista en las distintas armas. Una buena adquisición si lo que te gusta son las armas y la acción con ligeros tintes de estrategia.
  • Pros: Multitud de armas y vehículos, Cuatro personajes a elegir, Totalmente en castellano, Buenos efectos sonoros
  • Cons: Multitud de armas y vehículos, Cuatro personajes a elegir, Totalmente en castellano, Buenos efectos sonoros
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