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5.3 out of 10

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

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Reviews and Problems with Commandos 2: Men of Courage

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User Review

conradomartin, Metacritic
25 November 2014
  • Summary: This is probably the best PC game I have ever played. Despite some critics from the media, I don't think that it is so difficult thus it is harder than the average. And the good thing is that it is so immersive that even though, you can end up dedicating hours of time to pass this game without feeling any frustration for that. More than recommendable!
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User Review

YalmazAlam, Metacritic
5 August 2014
  • Summary: Simply One of the most Challenging and Tactical games there ever were . Take a force of Elite Commandos over 10 challenging missions over different terrains. It is better then Company of Heroes 1 & 2 . It is one of the best strategy games there ever were. Bonus Missions make the game even more interesting! MUST BUY .
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Overall 4

Puzzle game, not first person shooter.

AG, Amazon
6 March 2014
  • Summary: Way Too Hard. Took Five Hours To Beat 2nd Training Mission. No Checkpoints Or Mid Mission Saving. Can't Take More Than A Few Shots Before You Die. Too Many Button Options To Do Fighting And Activities. You Have To Switch Between Fighting And Doing Activities. No Real Fighting, Also. Takes Way Too Long To Reload A Level, Sometimes Over A Minute. Great Pre Rendered Graphics Though. Probably An Awesome Computer Game.
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User Review

keefbaker, Metacritic
27 October 2013
  • Summary: I think with these you either love them or hate them. These days they're horrible to look at and still as hard as ever. But for some people these are the best games ever made. Sadly. I don't count amongst that number.
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Overall 10

Excellent Game

mark beuclear, Amazon
11 October 2013
  • Summary: Game is tuff but a really fine game. It is inexpensive so you should buy it and to your collection.d ad
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User Review

CBZ, Metacritic
25 December 2012
  • Summary: Amazing game, great strategic elements and a very immersive music. Graphics are great cosidering when the game came out. Best of the commandos series and a must play for the strategy stealth lovers.
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User Review

hassandilawri, Metacritic
24 November 2012
  • Summary: In my opinion the best strategy game. It has everything. A variety of tactics can be used to complete the missions ranging from stealth to assaults. The bonus missions, medals and ranking makes it even more exciting. A better thing maybe would have been to start the ranks from lieutenant rather than corporal but it doesnt really make a difference in the gameplay. Every mission has a lot of In my opinion the best strategy game. It has everything.
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User Review

Schofield_Kid, Metacritic
18 June 2012
  • Summary: This game is not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind. From the looks of it, there are a small number of individuals who gave this game absolutely appalling, low scores. I understand the whole concept of 'respect another persons opinion' but dudes? I could beat the missions when I was 9. This game isn't hard if you know how to examine a few key elements. Like TurboMan... This game is not for the faint of heart or the weak of mind.
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User Review

seraphin, Metacritic
11 March 2012
  • Summary: This game is one of the best I have played, the reason I created a metacritic account and if you can overlook the dated graphics a truly rewarding experience. Single player alone would warrant the 10 rating however as co-operative with 2-3 friends it is astoundingly good and responsible for some of my most treasured gaming memories.
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User Review

Beret, Metacritic
4 December 2011
  • Summary: There's this excellent aura that works well with pretty graphics for 2.5D and its level of difficulty. There's nothing more fun than setting up a plan and killing a myriad of enemies. At first, it was really hard and only because I kept rushing. Finally I got around to accepting this wasn't a rambo-esq style game but more of a stealth and conquer.
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