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Reviews and Problems with Cart Fury: Championship Racing

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More mindless than Cruis'n?! HOW CAN IT BE??!?

Michael Pelensky, MobyGames
19 August 2003
  • Conclusion: CART Fury is fun for nostalgic Midway fans, but it's not enough to add to their list of spectacular (if stupid) driving games. Try it, yea; buy it, nay. I like the team who made the original game, because they went on to do Blitz 20-02--but unless you're a serious arcade racing junkie, don't spend too much time with this one. Only a quick play to the arcade is worth your cash.
  • Pros: The things that make CART Fury fun are the Midway-style driving, slick graphics, and fantasy locations and cars. Besides which, it's the only Midway racing game I know to take a page out of NBA Jam and utilize a "Turbo" meter--except it's called "Boost." You drive an F1 vehicle trying to (of course) pass the other cars, using your finite Boost meter to get yourself ahead. This game's races are in laps, and when you complete a lap in less than the designated time, you ...
  • Cons: Now, you know how I explained the basic gameplay? That was practically the entire gameplay--the game is very mindless. Your Boost Meter is refilled at every checkpoint, and there are no special stunts you can pull off as in the Cruis'n series and Arctic Thunder. The game doesn't have enough reality to make it a sports game, nor does it have nearly enough surreality to make it stand out. It's mediocre. The audio is not that great either. On each track, the music is ran...
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