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Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance
4.6 out of 10

Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance

When your back is against the wall it’s time to lay some beat do Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance

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Overall 8

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance PS2 Review

Console Obsession
31 May 2010
  • Excerpt: It’s a bit bewildering that scrolling fighting games from the 32 bit days and onwards have been unable to match the overall playability of such 16 bit classics as Streets of Rage and Final Fight.
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Overall 3

Expert Review

24 August 2006
  • Excerpt: Even passers-by with a strange- delightfully quaint- penchant for a denim ensemble are not safe from your murderous rage as you don a moniker straight from a Guy Ritchie film and the mantle of a street thug. Your family run the city from the shadows. You have been betrayed.
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Overall 7

Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance

Playstation Illustrated
10 June 2006
  • Excerpt: The minute I saw the art on the cover, I had nostalgic flashes of Final Fight , and the equally brawltastic, Streets of Rage . Unfortunately, Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance , is only a mere shadow of those classic games. Graphically, this title has some decent effects.
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Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance Review

22 May 2006
  • Excerpt: On paper, Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance sounded like the logical next step for fighting games; a blend of fighting and role playing, with the option to fight battles on your terms, with backup as necessary.
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Overall 6

Expert Review

Realm of Gaming
30 September 2005
  • Excerpt: Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance had the potential to be a solid, unique and enjoyable experience. Combining a variety of classic fighting moves and styles, throwing in a touch of Role Playing elements and offering a somewhat decent sized, free-roaming city sounds fairly promising to us – on paper that...
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Overall 4
Gameplay 4
Graphics 7
Sound 5
Control 4
Addiction 4

Expert Review

PSX Extreme
22 September 2005
  • Excerpt: Just like the movie industry, the game industry often saves its "less than stellar" games for the end of the summer. People are bored and still want to see movies or play games, so a catchy demo or trailer is often enough to catch their interest.
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Overall 6

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance

31 August 2005
  • Conclusion: It's a beat-em-up. You beat people up. If nothing else, it offers the bare minimum of gameplay to meet the name, but all the other claims of deeper gameplay are half-assed.
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Overall 5

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance

25 September 2006
  • Conclusion: There are far better fighting games out there than Beat Down, and there are other mission-based city adventure games too, all of which perform much better than this disappointing offering from Capcom.
  • Pros: Big story mode with lots to unlock, 5 Characters, each with a slightly different story, Combat is simple, but satisfying, If it's your thing, there are lots of different outfits to buy
  • Cons: Dull non-linear game play isn’t suited to fighting games, The camera is awful, There are better combat games out there
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Overall 6

Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance. PS2/Xbox Review

1 May 2006
  • Summary: You can find some brutal stuff involving fists on the 'net.
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Overall 5
Value for money 6
Gameplay 5
Graphics 4
Sound 4

Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance -

8 October 2005
  • Summary: The Playstation 2 is a system capable of so much more. The developers Cavia have had a chequered history and this game is going to do nothing to bring them up a level. Can someone tell me why Capcom decided to pick this trash up for release?
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