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5.8 out of 10

Armored Core 2

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Reviews and Problems with Armored Core 2

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Overall 5

The old adage of don't-fix-if-it's-not-broke has continued here for Armored Core 2.

diglot.net, MobyGames
29 April 2005
  • Conclusion: The story is not that great but AC2 has a variety of game modes and it is a good solid game for your collection, especially if you're into this type of game but for those who aren't into mecha games, you need to look elsewhere.
  • Pros: If you have never played any games from the armored core series, you are in for a treat but if you have played other mecha games, get prepared to get used to some of the nagging mechanics that come with controlling your robot or mech. AC2 is one of the 1st games that came out for the PS2. Being in the batch of the first generation of PS2 games, the graphics are very impressive and the art direction is very vibrant but not entirely original. AC2 does best what AC has d...
  • Cons: While utilizing the Overboost looks really fun, your'll find yourself precharging before Overboost for 10 minutes before you get into the uncontrollable stops as you play through the rest of the game. Since most of your missions are comprised of sneak and destroy or covert operations you'll find yourself using this ability less and less. But in the arenas (where you'll fight ACs 1 on 1), it is really useful. Most of the time though I use it just because it looks so da...
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Overall 6

Armored Core 2 : Big Robots, Bad Controls

B_Campbell, epinions.com
26 December 2004
  • Summary: Two robots enter one leaves, this is digital Thunderdome, with mechs
  • Pros: Great core gameplay, variety of parts, depth of customization
  • Cons: Poor controls, graphics and sounds not what they could be, eclipsed by later releases
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Overall 6

Armored Core 2

coverthitman, epinions.com
17 March 2004
  • Summary: I can't really recommend it, but it was very close to being a good game. With more players and maybe some tighter controls, this could be good.
  • Pros: Decent story line, in-depth customization
  • Cons: sub-par graphics and sound, little replay value, bad multiplayer.
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Overall 6

Huh yuk! Flyin' the big robot done be fun......

Action_Snark, epinions.com
27 May 2001
  • Summary: Mediocre in a lot of areas. A lot of wasted potential here, but enough things are done right to make it an acceptable game.
  • Pros: Fun, insanely deep mech customization, fun.
  • Cons: Mediocre vs mode, slowdown, cheesy graphics.
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Overall 6

100% original war machines

PimpOil, epinions.com
17 February 2001
  • Summary: So many options that mechs will be 100% original and you can be sure no other gamer is using the exact same setup. Color options are nearly infinite.
  • Pros: Mech fan's dream, literally thousands of customizing options.
  • Cons: Basically a remake of old Armored Core games, not enough new stuff.
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Overall 6

A typical first gen game that is amusing, but nothing spectacular

kkrays, epinions.com
29 January 2001
  • Summary: Very good graphics, relatively good controls, but sports only a roughly linear storyline coupled with ho-hum sound and music. This game warrants a rental, but not a keeper.
  • Pros: Good graphics, decent gameplay, fun to customize your mech
  • Cons: Rather unpolished overall, easy to finish for an experienced gamer
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Overall 6

Not bad, but could have been a lot better

mz303, epinions.com
1 January 2001
  • Excerpt: Being a fan of mechs in the past, I've played a fair share of these kinds of games.
  • Pros: Arena mode and missions are very fun, customization is great!
  • Cons: Controls haven't been updated to PS2 standards
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Overall 6

Armored Core, the next Gen!

umeshrao44, epinions.com
10 April 2000
  • Excerpt: Armored Core is a mech action game set in a (surprise, surprise) post- nuclear war Earth.
  • Pros: graphics and sound are da bomb
  • Cons: none
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Overall 6
Sound quality 6
Gameplay 8
Graphics 2

Grey corridor central

thegolden..., Ciao
19 November 2008
  • Excerpt: "...(This is the only section) In Armored Core 2 one spends a lot of one's time engaged in seemingly fruitless activity that would not normally be categorised as fun. In fact despite this being a fun game overall its quite difficult, if not impossible to pin-point exactly where this enjoyment is to be found. Its there though, somewhere: When it all comes together. Armored core 2 is still an enjoyable game. And for an eight year one it holds up quite ...
  • Pros: Some times you'll be outside, away from the scourge of the grey corridor .
  • Cons: You usually won't .
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Overall 6

Kampfmech auf dem Ego-Trip

14 November 2006
  • Summary: Bei der folgenden Art an Videospiel ist eine Sache ganz einfach: entweder man fährt voll darauf ab oder es lässt einen völlig kalt. Die Actionspiele, in denen riesige Mech-Söldner zum Einsatz kommen, polarisieren demnach. Demzufolge ist die Zielgruppe von „Armored Core 2 – Another Age“ für die Sony Playstation 2 aus dem Jahre 2002 klar definiert.
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