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Ape Escape 2

Ape Escape was originally a PSOne game that was highly popular i Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Ape Escape 2

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Overall 7

A lot of fun, and what's wrong with that?

Searly, MobyGames
19 August 2005
  • Conclusion: This game can be recommended as the PS2's finest average platformer. Practically a genre in itself, the average platformer offers pretty visuals, minigames, a fair lifespan and a complete lack of proper innovation. And Ape Escape 2 does this flawlessly. Now, this doesn't have to be a bad thing. If you pick up the game knowing that it'll entertain you but will never surprise you, you'll have a lot of fun. But otherwise, prepare to be disappointed.
  • Pros: This game was one of the PS2's greatest platformers when released. Although it's now a little dated, it retains it's unique charm and, more importantly, sense of sheer fun, years after it lit up my life. So what makes this game so likable? First, the control system. You run around with the left stick, with jumping on R1. So far, so humdrum, but the fun comes with the right stick, which uses the gadget you're holding. First of all, the system is easy to use. Gadgets ca...
  • Cons: First of all, the boss battles are too easy. Although, they have a nice, retro feel about them with predictable patterns and big glowing weak spots, this system becomes overfamiliar, with the final boss in particular a real letdown, especially considering how good bosses are in games like Ratchet and Clank. Also, the new gadgets are a real letdown. All the innovation behind the controls of the new gizmos - to use the magnet or the water sprayer, just point the right s...
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Not as good as the original, but worth a look.

James Kirk, MobyGames
2 September 2003
  • Conclusion: If you liked the original, you should rent this. If not, there's not much point in getting it.
  • Pros: The humor. You'll see puns in the monkey names from the beginning. There are 300 something monkeys, so you will have plenty to do. Old powerups from the original plus some new ones add a nice game experience. The graphics are much better than the original and the controls are intuitive. finally, catching monkeys in a net is just plain fun.
  • Cons: The game was bleeping easy. I caught every single monkey in less than 30 hr. of game time, so older gamers may feel cheated.(like i did) The bosses were WWAAAYYYY too easy.(If Specter's helmet makes him so smart, why did I beat him so easily??!!) Some of the powerups were useless. the kind, you use it once in one level and you never use it again. The "secret" gadget was the same as the original, so I was disappointed.*SNIFF* In the game, you can gather coins you can u...
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Overall 8

Fantastic. I was looking for it for a long time

Fran, amazon.co.uk
24 January 2013
Overall 8


andy, amazon.co.uk
11 December 2012
Overall 8

Feels like the original

S. Hill, amazon.co.uk
22 June 2011
Overall 10


Mrs. C. Walker "dancer", amazon.co.uk
7 March 2010
Overall 10


Dicka "tonydixonnufc", amazon.co.uk
8 April 2005
Overall 10

Very creative - great fun for kids!

SandmanVI, Amazon
1 July 2004
  • Summary: The reviews here really surprise me a lot. It's hard to believe that such a fun (and funny) game could get so many gripes. However I notice that most of those come from people comparing it to the original which preceded this title by 5 years. I think UBI Soft intentionally abandoned those players and aimed this game squarely at today's young children (5-12) rather than the teens that the original's players are by now.
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Overall 10

top notch

Sofa Cinema
7 June 2004
Overall 2

Greatness gone bad.

dem_3, Amazon
16 February 2004
  • Summary: There was a hint of brillence in the first ape escape that you could really admire. The game tested you in many catagories, and in the end, you were a better gamer than before. But that was five years ago, and it seems that gamming standards have fallen greatly. I think the biggest creative mistake the developers made was waiting so long to create a true sequal to the debute title. I mean think about it.
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