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WWF Attitude

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WWF Attitude – Review

27 February 2009
  • Excerpt: Unless you've been lying under a rock for the past 2 years, you've noticed the huge resurgence of professional wrestling. It's emerged from its deathbed and has almost taken over TV. It's on-air almost every night and draws young boys and immature men away the real world and into their own fantastical, wrestling one. Vulgar language and violence seems to be just what these guys are looking for in primetime entertainment.
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Overall 6

WWF Attitude

Playstation Illustrated
19 October 2002
  • Excerpt: The graphics in WWF: Attitude were somewhat of a disappointment. The best eye candy in the game were the wrestler intros. Each wrestler has his own unique entrance, just like you see on Monday night. The fire, lighting effects, fireworks, and music are all there, making for a wonderful structure; however, the effects are soon overlooked as you realize that the actual graphics are bad - really bad. Detail is nonexistent. Movement is anything but smooth.
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Overall 9

WWF Attitude

16 August 1999
  • Excerpt: After almost a decade of lying low, the wrestling scene has exploded in popularity. From t-shirts to commercials to video games, the world of consumerism has collided with the "world of hurt." The latest entry in this scene is WWF Attitude, Acclaim's wrestling game for the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and Sega Dreamcast. [PSX version reviewed here] Over 40 of your favorite WWF stars are present — more than double that of last year's WWF Warzone.
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Overall 9
Gameplay 9
Graphics 9
Sound 10
Control 9
Addiction 10

Expert Review

PSX Extreme
12 August 1999
  • Excerpt: Acclaim's WWF Warzone revolutionized the videogame wrestling industry, excelling both in graphics and gameplay. Warzone was one of the most realistic games in terms of graphics and pure real life realism. The game was still lacking a few things, it needed more value, more modes, characters, etc. Well, WWF Attitude delivers just that, Attitude packs a way bigger body slam than Warzone in every way possible.
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