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6.1 out of 10

Parasite Eve II

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Reviews and Problems with Parasite Eve II

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Overall 3
Graphics 6
Sound 4
Storyline 4
Originality 4

A Darwinian Tragedy

Jeremy Michael Gallen, RPGamer
1 March 2010
  • Excerpt: Nearly three years have passed since Aya Brea's encounter with mutated beings in New York City, with Aya now working for the FBI's MIST (Mitochondrial Investigation and Suppression Team) division in Los Angeles. There, she discovers a new string of Neo-Mitochondrial Creatures (NMCs) that threaten to cause a greater tragedy.
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Overall 4

A series of scary noises in repetitive patterns

kfj001, epinions.com
3 September 2001
  • Summary: This game was made to showcase two things; a shower secene, and a creature mutation scene. The rest is literaly just filler.
  • Pros: A sequal starring Aya Brea!
  • Cons: Everything else...
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Overall 4

Squaresoft couldn't...they can't...THEY DID!!! NOOoo~!! =(

blackrose4eva, epinions.com
16 August 2001
  • Summary: RPG fan, stay away from this evil -and SLOW- madness!
  • Pros: 2 words: astounishing graphics
  • Cons: 2 words: Resident Evil
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Overall 4

Aya Brea Is Back

clydearowny, epinions.com
21 June 2001
  • Summary: Fails to live up to the original- And is all together short. It's a Clone of Resident Evil as well.
  • Pros: Sequel to Parasite Eve, Aya Brea
  • Cons: Resident Evil look-alike, Rehash of first game, Coke
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Overall 4

Parasite Eve II

simonsez, epinions.com
29 October 2000
  • Excerpt: Having just completed this game, I can honestly say, "ehhhh.
  • Pros: Good graphics and story
  • Cons: Very poor control - very frustrating
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Overall 4

Resident Eve....Hmmm...I'm rather disapointed.

DarkStarGS, epinions.com
7 October 2000
  • Excerpt: Parasite Eve was one of the best games I had played. I couldn't wait to get the sequel...
  • Pros: Graphics and sound, lots of weapons
  • Cons: Ripoffs aren't fun
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Overall 4

Parasite Evil... er, Resident Eve... oh, you get the idea

32_Footsteps, epinions.com
14 September 2000
  • Excerpt: Note: a copy of this game was provided to me by Squaresoft I must admit, even I do get th
  • Pros: Decent graphics, excellent sound
  • Cons: Direct ripoff of Resident Evil for controls, direct ripoff of Fear Effect for plot
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Overall 4

Ich kann mich nicht anschließen

darkenton, Ciao
19 September 2000
  • Summary: Was bitte ist an PE2 so toll??? Ich kenn den einser ja nicht, aber wenn er so ähnlich aufgebaut ist, bin ich froh ihn nicht zu haben... Was soll PE2 jetzt eigentlich darstellen? Ein rollenspiel? Nein... Ein adventure? nein... Ein actionspiel? NEIN... PE2 ist ganz einfach nix halbes und nix ganzes. Die grafik nicht der renner,und der sound erst... Die musiker haben es tatsächlich geschafft mal 5 töne am stück zu spielen, und diese dann auf loop zu stellen. NERVIG!!!
  • Pros: -  -  -
  • Cons: siehe text
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