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Mr. Driller

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Reviews and Problems with Mr. Driller

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Overall 8

What an annoyingly addicting game

rEoMendel, epinions.com
27 July 2001
  • Summary: A game that tickles your brain, reflexes, and speed in a truly brilliant and original puzzler.
  • Pros: Simple to learn, hard to master, you can't beat the price.
  • Cons: After a while, the game gets repetitive, especially lacking a two-player option.
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Overall 8


napheadpsx, epinions.com
2 May 2001
  • Summary: If you get into this game, have fun trying to get out of it!
  • Pros: Extremely addictive!!!
  • Cons: The cover and main character is very misleading to how fun this game is
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Overall 8

Block Rockin'!

cpatubo, epinions.com
23 January 2001
  • Summary: Mr. Driller is highly underrated! Simple and fun! You'll be seeing colored blocks in your sleep, reminiscent of your Tetris days!
  • Pros: Fun and Simple. Easy to learn. Addictive!
  • Cons: No two player mode. Few play modes.
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Overall 2

Drilling a hole in my head

xeno3998, epinions.com
17 October 2000
  • Excerpt: Why does Namco stink so much? Their awful Tekken franchise and equally disgusting Ridge Racer fiasc
  • Pros: It killed off two minutes of my life
  • Cons: Overall crumminess
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Overall 4

Mr. Drilla Not a Thrilla In Manila.

Alkaiser, epinions.com
29 August 2000
  • Excerpt: With a town under siege by an onslaught of colorful bricks, the city's residents turn to their only
  • Pros: The plot is funny...in a sad way.
  • Cons: No, Driller, No.
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Overall 8

Do you get the "drill"?

Stratadrake, epinions.com
1 August 2000
  • Excerpt: Mr. Driller is an addictably simple action/puzzle game. So am I going to give a quick review of it?
  • Pros: Addictive Action, Musical Score, no loading delays
  • Cons: No 2-player modes
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Overall 8

Better than Bust-A-Move!

flizard64, epinions.com
30 June 2000
  • Excerpt: Mr. Driller is the best puzzle game on PSX. I got a demo disk with THPS2 and it had this on it.
  • Pros: Simple but addictive- get this, there is only one used button other than the directions
  • Cons: One player, is there music?, graphics not anything great- HEY, IT'S A PUZZLE GAME!
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Overall 8

Don't be fooled by the name, its still a lot of fun!

gem1, epinions.com
25 June 2000
  • Excerpt: Namco should of done some market research before releasing there recent game, Mr. Driller.
  • Pros: Addicting & Enjoyable
  • Cons: Can be repetitive
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Overall 10

Mr. Driller the surprise thriller

Joe14, epinions.com
15 June 2000
  • Excerpt: Okay, I know that most gamers tend to try to avoid games that have cutesy characters and slogans acr
  • Pros: fast paced addicting gameplay
  • Cons: the low selection of modes to play
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Overall 4

I wonder why they call him Mr. Driller

ImThinking, epinions.com
15 June 2000
  • Excerpt: This game is really just a little man with a drill in his hand, drilling through flaming blocks of c
  • Pros: The drill
  • Cons: No two player
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