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Legend of Mana

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1 March 2010
Overall 5

Legend of Mana

Thunderbolt Games
19 January 2006
  • Excerpt: People are always complaining about the lack of originality in videogames. Playing what is essentially the same game over and over again seems almost impossible to avoid considering how few unique titles there truly are. Legend of Mana takes some stabs at originality, but the original features are what makes this game far less enjoyable than it’s predecessor, Secret of Mana . Who says creativity is always a good thing?
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Legend of Mana – Review

7 September 2005
  • Excerpt: Console role-playing games (RPGs) are not really known for their innovation. Aside from the predictable evolutions in graphics and sound, these types of games generally play the same as they have since the release of the original RPGs— Dragon Warrior and Final Fantasy on the NES. That was what made the release of Secret Of Mana on the Super NES (SNES) such a thrill for me.
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Overall 9

Legend of Mana

Playstation Illustrated
12 November 2003
  • Excerpt: My God, this game is gorgeous. Without a doubt, Legend of Mana is the most beautiful game I have ever played on the PSX when it comes to 2D graphics. Every location is lushly drawn and colored; each screen looking like hundreds of hours of work went into making it look just right. The South American temples look appropriately South American, the caves look dark and damp, and the forest looks lush and full.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 7
Graphics 9
Sound 9
Storyline 8
Control 7

Expert Review

11 November 2003
  • Conclusion: It has aged better than a lot of PSOne Classics; a worthy purchase for fans or newcomers.
  • Pros: Stellar music, beautiful graphics, solid customization, unique story setup.
  • Cons: Flawed battle system, anti-climatic ending, trial and error tactics.
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Overall 3

Legend of Mana

7 July 2000
  • Excerpt: Squaresoft's "Legend of Mana", for Sony PlayStation, is a graphically pretty game, which immediately struck me as trying to fuse elements from old 8-bit RPGs, Grandia, and even Monster Farm into a "new generation" classic RPG.
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Overall 8

Legend of Mana

7 June 2000
  • Excerpt: The world is in a bottle - actually, it's in a number of bottles and artifacts - waiting to be poured like life, sweet life, onto an earth turned barren and dry. It's Legend of Mana for the PlayStation, and it's waiting to be explored.
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Legend of Mana

27 April 2000
  • Excerpt: If you're an old-school RPG fan, pining for the way things used to be, you might want to take a look at Square's upcoming Legend of Mana, the sequel to the awesome SNES adventure, Secret of Mana.
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