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6.6 out of 10

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver tells the story of Raziel, one of th Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

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Overall 6

(Updated) soul reaver

morris64468, epinions.com
30 April 2004
  • Summary: Bad game due to needless puzzles, most people would bail out on this one, only if your a die-hard fan probably. Some action, small variety of enemies. Highly detailed.
  • Pros: Youre an immortal, upgrades like new abilities, magic, lots of weapons.
  • Cons: You can get lost, this game is like a maze.
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Overall 10

A Vamp, A Scamp and A Bit of A Tramp

randomkill, epinions.com
15 June 2002
  • Summary: Classic, addictive, hilariously overly dramatic acting, what more can you ask?
  • Pros: A Great Story, Great Visuals, Good Game Play and A Real Classic.
  • Cons: Can be buggy, so use the great save feature often.
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Overall 10

This game is King of PS1!

bassoongod, epinions.com
22 October 2001
  • Summary: you can't get better than this beast-of-a-game
  • Pros: too many to describe in 15 words or less
  • Cons: you can get stuck easily, saves start you over.
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Overall 10

May the Legacy continue...

lorinsilver, epinions.com
4 October 2001
  • Summary: Outstanding graphics, wonderful sounds, fitting music, good puzzles, absorbing atmosphere, Unless you really dislike 3D-games, Soul Reaver is a game you must buy.
  • Pros: Wonderful graphics, music, voice-acting, sound-effects, atmosphere, gameplay,...
  • Cons: Not that big a challenge for die-hard gamers.
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Overall 10

A wonderful vampire...

predicatore, epinions.com
2 September 2001
  • Summary: You must have it!
  • Pros: Great graphic and story
  • Cons: Nothing particular
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Overall 10

One word can't describe it, but awesome comes close.

flame_tigress, epinions.com
11 July 2001
  • Summary: Definitely a must have for those who like gothic styled games, or those who like to be a bit confused (lots of puzzles, easy to get stuck, nice IQ required).
  • Pros: nice music, great graphics, excellent game play
  • Cons: mind numbingly huge, not the greatest of endings
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Overall 8

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

mirroraddict, epinions.com
1 May 2001
  • Summary: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver is a really fun game that has a way of becoming very addictive...
  • Pros: Great graphics, interesting plot, lots of puzzles
  • Cons: None!
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Overall 8

Loose your soul to date a hot guy with wings?

vampire_miyu, epinions.com
22 March 2001
  • Summary: Rent the game before you buy it to be sure you won't grow bored of what often becomes repetitive.
  • Pros: Excellent graphics, haunting story, strong support for the storyline
  • Cons: confusing, going in circles a lot, getting stuck
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Overall 10

Blood Omen

sephiroth2000, epinions.com
19 February 2001
  • Summary: Bottom line Story- 10 Graphics- 10 Sound- 10 Gameplay- 10 Control- 10 Overall- 10
  • Pros: Graphics, sound, gameplay
  • Cons: Absolutely Nada
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Overall 10

Soul Reaver is the best game I have ever played!!!

Grease_Police, epinions.com
22 November 2000
  • Excerpt: I purchased Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver after playing a very short demo on the start up disk which
  • Pros: Cool graphics, ease of controller use
  • Cons: Violent and bloody, may not be good for younger players.
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