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Incredible Crisis

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Reviews and Problems with Incredible Crisis

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Overall 6

spud guns vs. lizards.

asamanh, epinions.com
21 July 2001
  • Summary: I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone. It was the worst mature game I've ever played.
  • Pros: um, cover looks cool.
  • Cons: all the guns sound like spud guns, and everything else
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Overall 6

Practical Dino Hunting with Regina [-insert last name here-]

Shampoo-Girl, epinions.com
2 May 2001
  • Summary: Kirk, Scotty's not here to beam you up.
  • Pros: You get to use a shotgun.
  • Cons: The shotgun sounds like a pea-shooter.
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Overall 6

Capcom running out of Ideas?

battosai-x, epinions.com
18 April 2001
  • Summary: YOu should buy the game but dont expect anything new but blowing dinosaurs away instead of zombies.
  • Pros: Fun game, good storyline, Funny Characters.
  • Cons: A little to much like Resident Evil2
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Overall 6

Dino Crisis

GasJocket214, epinions.com
9 December 2000
  • Excerpt: When I bought this game I took a big risk. I had never played it before and neither had any of my f
  • Pros: Better then average graphics
  • Cons: bad replay value
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Overall 6

The attack of the lizard zombies!!!--Dino Crisis

zackeriah, epinions.com
16 July 2000
  • Excerpt: When I was trying to decide what game I would kick off my survival horror week with, I wanted to pic
  • Pros: Great idea, some fantastic sequences.
  • Cons: Too much like Resident Evil. Really nothing new.
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Overall 6

Good Premise, Bad Execution

dc1343, epinions.com
10 June 2000
  • Excerpt: I bought Dino Crisis hoping it would be the next Resident Evil.
  • Pros: Logical Puzzles, creepy atmosphere
  • Cons: Graphics, not enough ammo, weapon variety
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Overall 6

"You gave me a handgun to fight the dinosaurs?"

ctn001, epinions.com
25 May 2000
  • Excerpt: Before Resident Evil 3 Nemesis was due out, came Shinji Mikami's very own Dino Crisis.
  • Pros: The new artificial intelligence makes the enemy fun to battle.
  • Cons: To many access code number puzzles, slow response controls, and lack of weapons and dinosaurs.
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Overall 6

Dino Debacle: A Scaled Down Resident Evil

dead_guy, epinions.com
2 May 2000
  • Excerpt: The team behind the original survival horror masterpiece Resident Evil is at it again in Capcoms Di
  • Pros: What's not to love about running through corridors killing raptors and such?
  • Cons: Too much, unfortunately.
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Overall 6

The Lost World of Resident Evil

arsinoe, epinions.com
2 December 1999
  • Excerpt: "Enter the World of Another Survival Horror." Dino Crisis is an expansion of Ca
  • Pros: Gorgeous 3D graphics, introduction of new game mechanics, and Capcom's Resident Evil lure.
  • Cons: Uninteresting story and characters. Cumbersome controls for characters against agile raptors. Lack of genuine suspense.
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Overall 6

Juego de Terror pero muy bueno

SuperZenky, Ciao
18 December 2006
  • Summary: Este juego no se compara con otros juegos de accion, aventura, pero si lo comparamos con Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, es un juego que se puede decir que esta casi a la par del Resident Evil la baja se deve a los pocos graficos y realismos del juego, la poca jugabilidad y movilidad de la realidad del jugador y contrincantes del juego pero no olvidemos la dificultad del juego, no es para cualquiera, lo unico que tiene de malo para aquellos que no les gusta pensar que...
  • Pros: Obsesion
  • Cons: Terror asegurado
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