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If you like Stealth, You'll Like THIEF

Casimir , GameStop
16 July 2014
  • Summary: I do NOT understand all the hate this game gets. I mean, seriously, this game is called Thief. You must be stealthy and use tactics / range, there is not very much option to go guns-blazing. Although, later in the game once you unlock all tools / weapons if you have the skilled advantage you could walk around 'The City' as if nobody is a threat to you & still have a blast! I personally, thoroughly, loved this game.
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Hops , GameStop
15 May 2014
  • Summary: The videos made this game look really cool, however it simply wasn't fun to play. It was sort of open world, but then every time I tried to get to a new target there would be a wall or gate and I'd have to backtrack through 3 other sections to go around. The more you play it the less open the world feels. I thought I'd enjoy the stealth because I like Deus Ex and Splinter Cell, but somehow this game just didn't pull it off (and I can't quite put my finger on why).
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Stealth is key to being a great thief

joecorleone , GameStop
3 March 2014
  • Summary: To clear this up for all the bad reviews saying the combat sucks. Umm its called Thief, not M.M.A. If you play the game like a thief its fun, if you want to play it like God of War, yeah its going to blow.
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"This game is rubbish"

Nathan, Mighty Ape
29 May 2014

Thief !!!!!

Game Seek
27 May 2014
  • Conclusion: If you liked the original thief game on PC, then you will love this. If your new to stealthy games, it may take you some time to get into this. If your a diehard FPS player, then this may not be your cup of tea. But overall this is a solid enjoyable game, and a good price from Gameseek!!!
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Cody, Mighty Ape
14 May 2014

"A great title hampered by a few noticeable flaws"

Gabi, Mighty Ape
14 May 2014
  • Summary: I must admit, I had never played a Thief title before but after watching a few gameplay videos online, the game left me intrigued and wanting more. Thief is by no means a perfect game but for what it aims to achieve – the true feeling of a master thief, it arguably does very well. You are placed in the role of Garret, a master thief who loots and sneaks his way through the City and hidden dungeons to free a fellow thief, Erin who is trapped by a mysterious power.
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Mediocre due to bugs, story, and AI

Ryan, FutureShop
12 March 2014
  • Summary: Thief's atmosphere and stealth mechanics shine, but you lose immersion every other 5-10 minutes as the result of duplicate AI bugged speeches near doors (with an abrasive echo), AI that inconsistently spots or doesn't spot you, and AI that can't pursue you. And that's saying nothing about its lacklustre narrative...
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not impressed at all

Akram, FutureShop
12 March 2014
  • Summary: First time playing any thief game so I cant comment on any previous version but one thing for sure this game cannot be played on the hardest setting without being spotted every time you approach a guard from the back. I even stopped playing it for a while since it becomes very frustrating. Overall the graphics are nice, it takes a bit of time to load the chapters, and reload last save compared to other ps4 games I've played.
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not impressed at all

d, FutureShop
8 March 2014
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