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The Order: 1886
7.6 out of 10

The Order: 1886

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Expert Review

2 weeks ago
  • Conclusion: Ready at Dawn (RAD) studio -- the studio made up of former Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Blizzard employees -- is best known for their games on PSP. Their most accomplished works have been on the God of War IP with Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
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The Order: 1886. La lucha por la subsistencia de la humanidad.

4 weeks ago
  • Excerpt: Desde que se vio el adelanto de The Order: 1886 , en la E3 de 2014, todos estábamos ansiosos por poder meterle mano al juego y así comprobar que los alucinantes gráficos del tráiler correspondían en el gameplay.
  • Pros: Gráficos, Banda sonora, Iluminación, Mucho potencial para crear una gran saga
  • Cons: Poca libertad para explorar, Si bien la historia es buena, le falta un poco para redondear y más libertad, Accesibilidad de los rivales, Corta duración
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The Order: 1886 (for PlayStation 4)

PC Magazine
19 April 2015
  • Conclusion: The Order: 1886 shows just how good games can look on the PlayStation 4, but it's not an example of how fun or satisfying they can be.
  • Pros: Visually stunning, detailed alternate-history Victorian London. Mechanically functional action.
  • Cons: Incredibly short with little replay value. Repetitive structure. Awkward pacing. No multiplayer option.
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Expert Review

18 April 2015
  • Summary: The Order: 1886, developer Ready at Dawn's first-ever original console creation, comes by its M rating honestly. It features all the coarse language you'd expect from today's big-budget video games (however anachronistic it may be), along with plenty of the industry's near-pornographic enthusiasm...
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Expert Review

9 April 2015
  • Summary: The Order 1886 had a lot of promises. This PlayStation 4 exclusive caught many gamers attention with its “cinematic approach” and beautiful graphics. After spending a good five to six hours with it, I was unfortunately left a little disappointed.
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The Order: 1886 Review

8 April 2015
  • Summary: The Order: 1886 certainly has the elements of a great game, although maybe not enough to satisfy a wide range of gamers. The game is story-driven, which means there are no chances of free-roaming, definitely not the open world type of game, and gives more of a movie-like experience rather than a...
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The Order: 1886

High-Def Digest
25 March 2015
  • Summary: Apologies for this delayed review, dear HDD readers. Disgruntled Belgian postal workers stole (or just misplaced) the delivery of my review copy. Fortunately, a second disc made it through. Thanks, lads!
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The Order: 1886

The Digital Fix
20 March 2015
  • Excerpt: Ready at Dawn deserve a lot of credit for fighting for their vision of The Order: 1886 . They�ve achieved what they set out do despite gathering criticism along the way from previews and leaks, demonstrating a satisfying drive for production of their game, not our game.
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The Order: 1886

Slant Magazine
13 March 2015
  • Excerpt: For two generations, we used to attribute the staggering beauty that The Order: 1886 evinces throughout to pre-rendered cutscenes. Now the hope is that, one day, someone will put all that time, effort, and horsepower into a decent game. Really, though, the correct term is "decent movie.
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The Order: 1886

Cosmos Gaming
12 March 2015
  • Excerpt: An absolutely beautiful game with a unique setting and shooting perfection, does The Order: 1886 have enough depth to keep players interested?
  • Pros: + The best graphics on a console to date, + Amazing production values including top-notch sound design, + Great storytelling and voice acting, + Gunplay just feels perfect
  • Cons: - Movement is clunky sometimes, - Non-human enemies are underutilized, - This game begs for a survival horde mode, I’d buy that for a dollar
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