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Need for Speed Rivals

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Reviews and Problems with Need for Speed Rivals

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Okay not Great

AmazonAJ "AJ", Amazon
17 December 2014
  • Summary: The game looks beautiful but I was a little disappointed with rivals in comparison to most wanted. In my opinion most wanted was the superior game. The ranking system to reach the number one spot and become the top driver was more enjoyable to me than rivals. Also maybe its just me but most wanted had better menus and layouts making things a lot more clear. Rivals felt a bit confusing and not as intuitive as most wanted.
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No steering wheel support

SilverGhost, Amazon
14 October 2014
  • Summary: As great as the graphics and sound are, I simply cannot drive a car with a couple of buttons. If you can, nice game. Be aware this game does NOT support a steering wheel on the PS4 - a fact they should make very clear, but don't.
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Short But Good

draxLfly2 , GameStop
17 April 2014
  • Summary: I'm a diehard fan of the NFS series ever since Porsche Unleashed and this game offers quite a lot of the old features like customizable decals on your car, open world racing, a somewhat good variety of cars, etc. HOWEVER, the game is pretty short, when you are in a chase the players who are cops can bust you easily.
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A Decent Enough Game

Mark McLaughlin "pop culture junkie", Amazon
17 March 2014
  • Summary: While overall I enjoyed this game there are some issues which reduce the overall game in my eyes. The pluses: Great graphics (mostly, see below), great sound, excellent design on the cars, the point system is enjoyable and gives you incentive to do tasks on the side to earn more. The negatives: Some really bad glitches (getting caught in rocks, the game resets like you crashed and then you're still inside a rock), the cop challenges are too easy and the racer too hard...
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Great game...for the first week

zennmaster, Amazon
15 March 2014
  • Summary: The game is great the first week. Visuals are lush and gorgeous, which I think was the point in releasing this at PS4 launch. There's not a whole lot of substance beyond the detailed graphics however. Gameplay is rather monotonous after the initial week and the so-called open world I found pretty limited. I've logged about 45 hrs and I think I'm close to retiring the disc. Doing the math, there are better gameplay to price ratios out there...at least for me.
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Only Car Game On Ps4 For Now

goll, Amazon
14 March 2014
  • Summary: The game is fun but only for awhile. Sometimes I can't even play because the game doesn't connect to the EA servers. Also the campaign is not straight forward. In order to advance you have to complete 3 or 4 objectives which can seem impossible at times.
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OK Game

Jacoby G, Amazon
21 February 2014


rory, Amazon
3 February 2014


Brooks Bihlear, Amazon
26 January 2014

overall game

Bank Of America "Jeffrey Gonzalez", Amazon
14 January 2014
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