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Murdered: Soul Suspect

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Reviews and Problems with Murdered: Soul Suspect

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Murdered: Soul Suspect

Thunderbolt Games
29 July 2014
  • Excerpt: Murdered: Soul Suspect begins on an unusual note, with the death of its main character. His name is Ronan O’Connor, a Detective working for the Salem Police Department. It is the pursuit of the Bell Killer that puts him in harms way. The masked figure throws him out a fourth floor window and then shoots seven bullets in his chest. As his ghostly form is pulled into the light, there’s no question that Ronan is dead. Only he’s not allowed passage into the next life.
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Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4) - Review

27 June 2014
  • Excerpt: Murdered: Soul Suspect is an adventure game in which you assume the role of a ghostly detective who must solve his own murder. The premise is intriguing and Soul Suspect certainly starts off strong, throwing a plethora of unique ideas at the player, but it doesn't take long for the cracks to show. Reformed criminal turned Salem P.D. detective Ronan is hot on the trail of the elusive Bell Killer.
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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

16 June 2014
  • Summary: " Murdered: Soul Suspect " is a simple game from a much simpler time. That it exists today on current and next gen consoles is mind  boggling, as nothing about the package is modern or up to date, but I still found myself strangely enamoured with the game. It's an item finder at heart and little else, with only a few puzzles to distract you from the fact. The storyline is camp but compelling and the characters endearing enough to make the time I spent with it worthwhile.
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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Hardcore Shooter
12 June 2014
  • Conclusion: Bottom Line: Pass, unless you like easy achievements (it has a lot of them).
  • Pros: + Ghostly gameplay a bit novel + Salem is a good setting
  • Cons: - Gameplay best described as “adventure-light” - Very short - Story tries but just can’t establish itself
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Murdered: Soul Suspect

High-Def Digest
6 June 2014
  • Summary: There appears to be a shortage of mystery-style video games that have been made available over the last several years. An argument can be made that Rocksteady’s 'Arkham' series includes a fair amount of detective work on the part of the Dark Knight, but I’m talking about games that, from start to finish, have you scouring for clues, following up on leads, and piecing everything together; culminating in an epic final reveal. Both 'L.A.
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Expert Review

5 June 2014
  • Summary: There are strange events unfolding in Salem, Massachusetts, and it has nothing to do with the growing ghost population. It's the living who are noticeably off-kilter. As a serial killer slowly picks off the uneasy inhabitants, the frightened few who remain seek shelter in an eerie playground as a foreboding moon illuminates their discontent. Or maybe they embark on a guided tour of the local graveyard, where centuries of restless spirits glide along the foggy paths.
  • Pros: Lots of interesting stories to piece together, Great sense of empathy as you learn why people passed away
  • Cons: Dull combat encounters, Lots of bugs and glitches, Severe tonal shifts
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Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Cheat Code Central
4 June 2014

A Case Gone Cold

Game Informer
3 June 2014
  • Conclusion: Concept: Solve your own murder from the afterlife and bring a serial killer to justice Graphics: Nicely animated cinematic sequences are in great abundance. The demons are terrifying – almost more so than Ronan’s horrible, over-accessorized character model Sound: There isn’t much in terms of music. Instead, haunting sounds like the shriek of a demon are used to build tension and set the stage for a dreary Salem.
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Murdered Soul Suspect

1 June 2008
  • Summary: Murdered Soul Suspect is a game that is hard to recommend in terms of gameplay and due to a lack of substantial content
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Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4) Review – Who Knew Being a Ghost Detective Could Be So Boring?

Canadian Online Gamers
27 June 2014
  • Excerpt: I wanted to like Murdered: Soul Suspect a lot more than I actually did and I truly mean that. The game started out well with main protagonist Ronan O’Connor being violently launched out of a fourth story window then shot to death with his own gun.  His tortured spirit is then left behind and he goes on the hunt to find Salem, Massachusetts notorious Bell Killer, his murderer. It looks like Ronan is sticking around until he can solve his last case.
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