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 Lego Marvel Super Heroes
9.2 out of 10

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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Lego Game...

Jordan, Amazon
27 September 2015
  • Summary: I understand Lego games are designed for children. However, I feel Lego games are just so easy and linear that I depletes any fun. There is no creativity on how to accomplish a task. There is one way to do everything and that's not fun. It's more of a tour then a quest with your Marvel heroes.
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Amazing game

G. Ce, Amazon
14 September 2015
  • Summary: This game is fantastic! I thought that no other Lego games could be as good as Star Wars Lego but this one takes the cake. You can do so much in the game, it is like GTA for kids. The game has its challenges but is not hard. I played it with my kids till we got every trophy in the game.
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Just what the doctor ordered (sort of)

Leohlyon, Amazon
23 August 2015
  • Summary: After playing a mentally exhausting game like Bloodborne, I needed something 'light' to hold me over until Mad Max comes out. LEGO Marvel fit the bill, and was just what the doctor ordered. Combat -- Well, the type of combat really hinges on who you're playing as.
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Fun even for mothers of small children

avonlea_ann, Amazon
19 July 2015
  • Summary: The Lego console games are the only video games I play. They're fine for kids--violence is confined to legos falling apart. They are super fun and most of the challenges are mind puzzles. I play this with my kids and my husband and we love them.
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LEGO does it again! Excelsior!

Michael Bruns, Amazon
16 July 2015
  • Summary: What a great time killer! This game has a huge open world, and over 100 characters to choose from. You have the ability to even create your own superheroes! As with all the LEGO games, everything is made out of the trademark bricks, which adds a tremendous atmosphere.
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User Review

Aiden, Walmart
8 July 2015
  • Summary: Normally not the type to buy these types of games considering im 29. The game does have a two player split screen and the jokes and humor is not brainless but well thought out.
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User Review

hawkini, Walmart
2 July 2015
  • Summary: My son loves this game - played for hours and still no where completed it - lots more hours playing I think...
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Kids love it to the bones!

Hasan Suvodolac, Amazon
20 June 2015
  • Summary: Kids absolutely adore it! They ve completely forgotten about Rayman Legends which is faboulous game also.
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User Review

stitchnovice, Walmart
10 June 2015
  • Summary: I purchased this game in DS for my grandsons ages 8 and10. They loved it. So when my daughter age 34 purchased a PS4 recently, as a joke I bought her the same game. Well, she loves it just as much as they do. So I guess the joke is on me. I would recommend this game to anyone at any age.
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We Love Lego Marvel Super Heroes!

Janice Virtue, Amazon
8 June 2015
  • Summary: After 2 years of my son begging for a Play Station Console, yes I gave in and finally bought him one. It came with The Last of Us and he got Call of Duty from a relative but I wanted to get him something age appropriate. I got Lego Marvel Super Heroes and included that in his gift package.
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