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 Lego Marvel Super Heroes
9.3 out of 10

Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Great Deal: $18.95

Reviews and Problems with Lego Marvel Super Heroes

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User Review

hawkini, Walmart
3 days ago
  • Summary: My son loves this game - played for hours and still no where completed it - lots more hours playing I think...
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Kids love it to the bones!

Hasan Suvodolac, Amazon
2 weeks ago
  • Summary: Kids absolutely adore it! They ve completely forgotten about Rayman Legends which is faboulous game also.
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User Review

stitchnovice, Walmart
4 weeks ago
  • Summary: I purchased this game in DS for my grandsons ages 8 and10. They loved it. So when my daughter age 34 purchased a PS4 recently, as a joke I bought her the same game. Well, she loves it just as much as they do. So I guess the joke is on me. I would recommend this game to anyone at any age.
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User Review

EggsnJakey, Walmart
12 May 2015
  • Summary: Yes I had a blast with this game, even though I have no kids, its still a good game. Graphically, its really smooth and sharp, with Lego texture and displays and detailed environments and character models looking like Lego's.
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User Review

davidlt, Walmart
6 May 2015
  • Summary: My boys love this game! They are 7, 9, and 12 and i have had to set a timer to make sure they all get equal playing time. The game has many options of play and seems endless, weve had it for almost two months and have not come close to completing everything. You cant go wrong with this game!
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A solid game. One of the best LEGO titles by TT.

Kyle Smith "CelticKnot", Amazon
4 May 2015
  • Summary: One of my favorite titles in the Lego series, mainly because of the massive hub of New York City. The levels were interesting but very long and not as engaging as all the quests and challenges in the main hub, in my opinion.
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This game is HUGE! Well worth the money as ...

Amazon Customer, Amazon
27 March 2015
  • Summary: This game is HUGE! Well worth the money as there is a ton for you to do. The multi-player has some bugs, the views when trying to do some tasks gets messed up, which is frustrating. If you come across this, just have the second player drop out and you should be able to continue.
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Love The Game!!

Kneel2TheCrown, Amazon
23 March 2015
  • Summary: It's so fun to be able to play as your favorite superheroes in all these levels! And be able to fly around the city with someone like Iron Man. Just that alone gets like 4 stars. Haha I'm amazed that I've been playing for around 5-6 hours now(last time I checked it was 4 and a half) and I'm probably...
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fun but beware of bugs!

Scott, Amazon
10 March 2015
  • Summary: I have always been a fan of the lego games. I've played most of them. With that said this is probably my least favorite one. The game is still fun which is why it is getting 3 stars but there are a ton of bugs.
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Your Lego-superhero-loving kids will love this game!

calyxxa "calyxxa", Amazon
24 February 2015
  • Summary: Awesome video game to play with the superhero-loving kiddos. My four year old loves this game and he's really good at playing it. The only thing is to watch how much time they spend playing it. He is always disappointed when I tell him to turn it off and go play outside.
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