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Killzone: Shadow Fall
8.0 out of 10

Killzone: Shadow Fall

Sworn enemies are forced by their own war to live side by side. Read more

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Reviews and Problems with Killzone: Shadow Fall

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User Review

mkcffmn, Walmart
10 June 2015
  • Summary: this game is a launch title and is still one of the better looking games on the playstion 4 console. the PRO'S are that this is a beautiful and smooth game with a ten hour plus campaign and awesome multiplayer. this game is one of the best titles on next-gen and is a must play title
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The graphics are NICE, but the gmeplay is very sketchy

Exodus, Amazon
21 May 2015
  • Summary: This game is higly overrated. The graphics are NICE, but the gmeplay is very sketchy. The environments look too cardboardish. The deep rich textures of other games tend to make this game look poor in terms of the presentation.
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Looks Good, with the same excitement as paint drying

Jack, Amazon
25 March 2015
  • Summary: Yeahh, Ill start by saying it has pretty decent graphics but it's a lot of walking, like a lot with action few and far in between. Some of the shootouts are fairly challenging compared to a game like Call of Duty on the same game difficulty level.
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Overall a Great start to PS4

Anonymous, Newegg
4 January 2015
  • Pros: To start off i didn't buy this here. But it was the first game i bought for ps4 because i beloved the Killzone series. First off graphics and gameplay were both solid and beautiful. The contros are spot on and btw ( the slow movement thing i saw someone complain about is really just the developer...
  • Cons: The story started off great and had a lot of promise but im sure deadlines and budget cuts kept them from truly exploring the politics behind killzone. And the Multiplayer needed more support and GUNS!! but other then that it was an awesome game and best so far
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User Review

thovader, Metacritic
22 December 2014
  • Summary: I only recently discovered that Killzone Shadow Fall actually has a co-op mode. I was sick of Destiny and was wondering what else to play on PS4 that offered a co-op option. Thank God I read about Intercept because it’s fantastic and a lot of fun!
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User Review

demon666, Metacritic
8 November 2014
  • Summary: This co-op mode now has the full 10 maps which are quite varied. Difficulty has been ramped up from what it was at launch (too easy at the start) and challenge requirements were scaled back for new weapon unlocks. All in all an enjoyable break from the multiplayer.
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User Review

flyingpooter, Walmart
19 October 2014
  • Summary: purchased pre-owned and was a steal. plus free shipping to store was even better.
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Five Stars

Raid S. Jaddoa "Raid S. Jaddoa", Amazon
10 October 2014


Miniature Fantasy Satan Claws, Amazon
18 September 2014
  • Summary: This game is definitely pretty to look at, and it has it's moments, but I was extremely disappointed with it overall. Took about two hours before I even cared about what was going on. Some levels are amazing, most of them are forgettable, and half of them feel poorly designed and unfinished.
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Pretty average overall

G. Robinson "BranWheat", Amazon
17 September 2014
  • Summary: Pretty average overall. The opening half of the game was stellar but it went down quickly into basic FPS territory. The story became so bland and uninteresting that its hard to even remember what happened.
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