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Killzone: Shadow Fall

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Reviews and Problems with Killzone: Shadow Fall

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Killzone: Shadow Fall

27 January 2014
  • Excerpt: Of all the Guerrilla Games titles I’ve played, I consider Killzone 3 to house the best, most well-paced singleplayer campaign, while the multiplayer additions and features of Killzone 2 continued to be the most focussed and fresh when they were introduced in that game.
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Beauty And The Beast

Game Debate
21 December 2013
  • Excerpt: If the term ‘mixed-bag’ hadn’t been invented yet, it’s precise meaning would have been defined forever more as ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall.’ As in, ‘the film was pretty funny but my god were the action sequences awful, it was a bit of a Killzone: Shadow Fall.
  • Pros: Awesome sound, At times stunning to look at, Satisfying combat
  • Cons: Repetitive levels, OWL not used enough, Not enough original ideas
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Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Review

17 December 2013
  • Conclusion: Killzone: Shadow Fall Image © Sony “Killzone: Shadow Fall” is a beautiful game. It’s what you use to show off your system if you want to impress your friends. And yet we know that won’t last. With games like “Thief” and “The Order: 1886” around the corner, there will be games that at least match and likely surpass this one in terms of visuals in the very near future. Once again, we’re left with a reminder that gameplay is what makes for titles that last.
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Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4) - Review

26 November 2013
  • Excerpt: The PlayStation 4 is finally here and everyone is wondering what that one exclusive title is that'll make it worth the purchase. No, Resogun doesn't count because it's not a retail release! Duh! Anyway, ignoring that one great game, many pinned their hopes on Killzone: Shadow Fall as the best hope for the PlayStation 4 launch. Obviously it's a pretty adventure, as all Killzone titles are, but sadly the gameplay and story don't match up with the exceptional visuals.
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Killzone: Shadow Fall

22 November 2013
  • Conclusion: Visually, the game is absolutely beautiful. In addition to the fact that it’s not a typical brown shooter, some of the cut-scenes on Vekta will take your breath away and make you realize that next-gen is here, and wow is it pretty. It’s just a shame that the fun I initially felt with Shadow Fall’s campaign faded away as the end missions droned on for far longer than they should have. At least the multiplayer brings that feeling back.
  • Pros: It's jaw-dropping gorgeous, has a really unique and fun implementation of the touchpad, and, like its predecessors, has a great multiplayer experience that includes customizable matches;
  • Cons: Forced script, unintuitive objectives, padded length in the final missions thanks to way too many busy-work tasks, and an ungodly frustrating final boss.
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Killzone: Shadow Fall review (PS4)

17 November 2013
  • Excerpt: for being gorgeous, but you'll have to search a bit harder to find other things to love about it.
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Expert Review

17 November 2013
  • Excerpt: The campaign is a real drag, but Shadow Fall's multiplayer props up the package with its fun, configurable action.
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Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Review

16 December 2013
  • Excerpt: I have to admit that I haven’t been all that excited for this new era in gaming. This is probably the first time where I have genuinely felt apathetic about what to play on launch day. I suppose you could say that I’m a bit down that there isn’t that one standout title in this next-generation of gaming to make you explode with awe, which I guess we call current-generation now?
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Killzone: Shadow Fall Review | Stunning But Soulless

9 December 2013
  • Conclusion: The Short Version: The first couple of hours of Killzone: Shadow Fall hint towards a game that might just play as well as it looks. And it looks phenomenal. But sadly, the game falters and falls rather quickly, crushed under the weight of its own ambitions, and it retreats to the safe banality of staid FPS conventions for a second half that's all filler, no killer.
  • Pros: It's absolutely gorgeous, No, seriously, this game is like ecstasy for the eyeballs, Opening couple of levels are really well-worked, Interesting setting and subject matter is full of potential and promise, OWL drone is a great addition, Warzones-oriented multiplayer as solid as ever, and class-based
  • Cons: The potential and ambition shown in Chapter 2 is never built upon, To much reliance on wave-based padding in the game's second half, Infuriating instafail setpieces ruin spectacle, Enemy AI is pretty awful, Enemy types and weapon variety leave much to be desired, So much potential, such inconsistent pacing and execution
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TEST. Killzone : Shadow Fall - Intercept

Game Blog
1 July 2014
  • Summary: Intercept introduit le jeu à quatre en coopération dans Killzone Shadow Fall . Reprenant quatre cartes déjà existantes dans le solo, mais remaniées pour l'occasion, il permet à quatre joueurs ayant chacun un rôle précis (Assaut, le bourrin de service, Tireur d'élite, Médecin et Tacticien, qui pose des tourelles de défense) d'affronter des vagues d'ennemis dans le but de protéger trois points de défense sur les cartes.
  • Pros: Le jeu à quatre contre des I.A., Quatre classes complémentaire bien fun., Le système de progression intelligent., Un challenge relevé.
  • Cons: Seulement quatre cartes., Recyclages de cartes déjà existantes., Un peu cher (10€) compte tenu de son contenu.
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