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Reviews and Problems with FIFA 14

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4 January 2014
  • Summary: Compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 release, FIFA on the PlayStation 4 is a whole new ball game and even though EA have tweaked some of the gameplay modes, it is for the better and this version is definitely superior in terms of gameplay, controls and graphics.
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17 December 2013
  • Conclusion: FIFA 14 exudes polish from every pore. It’s a great all-rounder, able to entertain players of all abilities. Until Battlefield fixes its problems, there isn’t a better multiplayer game on PS4 either. Sports fan or no, there aren’t many more complete games you can pick up this launch window.
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FIFA 14 Review (PS4)

16 December 2013
  • Summary: It’s been five games since I’ve spent any significant time with FIFA, and whilst there are some noticeable improvements, many of the most glaring issues from previous games still stick out whatever generation you play on. The sheer amount of content on offer, combined with the fact that FIFA still plays a solid game of football makes this a worthwhile buy for almost anyone, but I’d be hesitant to recommend this to anyone who bought last year’s game, or anyone that...
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FIFA 14 Review

27 November 2013
  • Excerpt: Rebuilt for next-gen using the new Ignite Engine, FIFA 14 doesn’t look drastically different from current-gen. Put a controller in your hands, however, and the changes are surprisingly significant. Let’s get the graphics out the way first: it is nicer-looking, with improved likenesses, cloth and grass textures. But often you’re too far away from the action to truly notice how much better it looks. What is more apparent is the smoother gameplay.
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FIFA 14 Next-Gen

Game Over Online
27 November 2013
  • Excerpt: I’m a bonafide soccer fanatic and a loyal fan of the FIFA series. Having set up those credentials, I can’t quite put my finger on what is off target with this year’s annual installment. Don’t get me wrong, FIFA 14 is a fantastic soccer sim that I’ll be playing until this time next year (as I do every year). Maybe my reticence is because the last couple of versions were astonishing in what was new, and this year’s edition doesn’t take any major leaps forward.
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Review Supplemental: FIFA 14 (PS4)

New Gamer Nation
22 November 2013
  • Conclusion: Overall, if you have a next generation console and you are a FIFA fan, buying this game should be a no-brainer. The visuals are amazing, the AI seemed to perform better and making the switch between last gen and current gen couldn’t have been easier. In the end, that is all you can ask for from a next generation port. However, seeing how they took an already excellent game and made it even better is impressive.
  • Pros: +Amazing Visual Update, +Easy to Transition to
  • Cons: -Same Core Gameplay
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FIFA 14 Review (PS4)

PlayStation LifeStyle
19 November 2013
  • Summary: Foot, meet, ball.
  • Pros: New animations to fans and players, Not many lost modes/features from PS3 version, Feverish ball battles in each match, Smooth online play
  • Cons: No major additions to the game, Some sketchy AI decision making at times
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Digital Chumps
19 November 2013
  • Conclusion: FIFA's first outing on next-gen is a solid effort that isn't likely to disappoint the casual or hardcore FIFA fan.
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FIFA 14: Next Gen

2 December 2013
  • Conclusion: Is it truly "next-gen"? No. Still, it's good enough to satisfy your football needs for another season. Unlike what happened in the last generation, which EA Sports debuted with FIFA 06 on Xbox 360 (a horrible version of the game with mediocre gameplay and a insulting lack of content) FIFA 14 is, for the most part, a very positive transition to the new generation.
  • Pros: Refined gameplay. It is graphically superior. Various new animations and details.
  • Cons: It's still not true "next-gen". Some content is absent, like the Tournaments and the Creation Center.
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FIFA 14 (PS4 & Xbox One) review

Pocket Lint
28 November 2013
  • Conclusion: FIFA 14 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 was the most realistic football game we had played, without losing what makes it a fun game to play. A mere two months on and now the next-generation version has taken up that mantle. It's incredible. There is a lot of gloss to the game, even over the already excellent current-gen versions, but it’s on the pitch where things really come into their own.
  • Pros: Superb reactive crowd model, ball physics seem even more realistic, improvement in player control makes it a new experience even for veteran players, you can score some spectacular goals
  • Cons: Not a huge step-up from the current-gen versions, some of the game modes found on Xbox 360 and PS3 are missing, the occasional graphical glitch here or there
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