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Battlefield 4
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Battlefield 4

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Reviews and Problems with Battlefield 4

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User Review

TreaCerjohn, Souq
3 weeks ago

Good Game

Bob, Staples
5 March 2015
  • Excerpt: This game has a huge world with tons of players. It can be a little glitchy but it is a very good game. Enjoy.
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User Review

user-M43RPT, Souq
19 February 2015

User Review

yourfavcomedion, Metacritic
11 February 2015
  • Summary: To be honest, when I got this I thought it was going to be a GREAT game cause I played call of duty before and I wasn't very impressed with Call of Duty so I tried this one out. My first impression, "Meh.
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Too Faulty to Play

Hugo F., Newegg
26 January 2015
  • Summary: I would have at least rated this game a 4 star if it weren't for the crashes.
  • Pros: The graphics are good. The story was entertaining. The weapon selection was good.
  • Cons: It Crashes and I can't play-on past the tank battle. I was really enjoying the game but once I got to the tank battle in the square along the river, the game kept crashing. I've re-started the game from the beginning but it keeps crashing making the game an unpleasant experience to go through.
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User Review

Cookiebooky, Metacritic
4 January 2015
  • Summary: Nice Singleplayer but CoD like short. Multiplayer is fun. Graphics fine. Nice to see you can turn off VOIP. Reason for 2 stars is that this game still crashes like crazy. STILL! AFTER 1 f'king YEAR! EA and DICE in a nutshell. But buy this unless you get it cheap
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Battlefield 4

Steve, Staples
26 December 2014

User Review

CertifiedGamer, Metacritic
14 December 2014
  • Summary: Best PGTAS4 games hands down. EA has worked hard to improve its servers. If this game is running slow or with lags is because your connected on a slow Wifi. I recommend directly connecting the PS4 to the modem or router. It will improve your speed and keep it consistent.
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Awesome Warfare

Inferno88 , GameStop
19 November 2014
  • Summary: This game has everything COD does not have. more weapons, more attachments, more vehicles which you can use all the time and not in kill-streaks. The maps are bigger, the destruction is awesome, assignments add more fun to it, each dlc has its fun moments, only bad part its is lag but once you get...
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User Review

ItachiUchiha, Metacritic
12 November 2014
  • Summary: This game had a bad start, buggy and game crashes. But now with all the DLC you get with this version, this games is very good. 10 out of 10 easy. Massive epic battles and a good verity of game types.
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