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Unreal Tournament 3

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Reviews and Problems with Unreal Tournament 3

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Hooked Gamers
27 July 2009
  • Conclusion: For $8, Shatter is totally worth your time; it is beautiful, unique, and most of all, fun. It takes a tired genre and turns it into something new and original, and it might just be one of the PlayStation Network’s best exclusive games to date. Unless you are into high scores, it’s not the longest lasting game, but it lasts about as long as a block-breaking game should, and the promise of DLC has me pumped.
  • Pros: Epic boss fights, catchy music and a changing perspective.
  • Cons: It is a somewhat easy game.
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Overall 9

PS3 Review – Unreal Tournament III

PlayStation LifeStyle
16 April 2009
  • Summary: Unreal Tournament is a series that has been around since 1999 onRead the full article…
  • Cons: Mixes frantic, old-school gunplay with next-gen perks.
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Overall 8

Unreal Tournament III Review

PlayStation Universe
8 April 2009
  • Summary: This game is without a doubt one of the premier online experiences on the PlayStation 3, and is one of the few must have titles of 2007. It may falter a bit when played offline, but the support of user created mods and maps provides this game with an infinite amount of play time. If you love shooters, pick this one up.
  • Pros: Gorgeous graphics, Great online play, User created content provides endless replay
  • Cons: Single player campaign leaves much to be desired, AI is predictable in certain game modes
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Overall 9
Video quality 10
Extras 5

Unreal Tournament III

BluRay Authority
27 December 2008
  • Excerpt: An evil alien race known as the Necris is on the prowl, but one man stands in the path of destruction. Ok, so the story in Unreal Tournament III is rather thin, does it matter? The single player campaign puts you in the shoes of Reaper, a one man wrecking crew who does battle with the alien menace. Reaper has access to tons of kickass weapons, wicked vehicles, and even some cool power ups, but the fight won’t be a simple one.
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Overall 7

Unreal Tournament III

Strategy Informer
15 November 2008
  • Conclusion: Unreal Tournament 3 won’t be for everyone. The lack of a worthy single-player experience will undoubtedly put some people off, and the fact that there are games already available that offer an online experience every bit as enjoyable confuses the matter even more. But those games don’t offer the same type of all-out action that Unreal Tournament 3 provides, and if you want a slightly more arcade-like FPS experience, and one that doesn’t require hours of time-investment...
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Unreal Tournament 3 Review

11 November 2008
  • Excerpt: UK PS3 owners have finally got their trigger-fingers on Unreal Tournament 3 just over three months after the game was first released on PC and well over two months after the game was released on the PS3 in the US. The wait has been a long one - some would say too long. But it's here now, and there are big questions that demand to be answered - has it been worth the wait and will UT3 keep PS3-owning FPS fans happy as they wait for Resistance 2 and Killzone 2?
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Overall 8

Unreal Tournament 3

Playstation Illustrated
25 October 2008
  • Excerpt: Unreal Tournament 3 for the PS3 is beautiful. It's almost as pretty as they claimed it was going to be. Really. The models are highly detailed, the weapons' special effects are nicely done and the environments can be, quite frankly, breath-taking. The UI in Unreal Tournament 3 is pleasing to look at and easy-to-use, so there's no confusion - just select your options and jump in.
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Overall 8

Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3)

The Review Busters
22 April 2008
  • Conclusion: Unreal Tournament 3 is a lot like Call of Duty 4 in many ways. Both these games are lacking in the single player mode compared to Bioshock and their online modes are not nearly as good as Halo 3. I am not saying that both these games are bad because they’re both good. UT3 is one of those games that is nice to have around since it is fast and action packed. You can easily put this game on and play a few online matches within a few minutes.
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Overall 10

PS3 Review - 'Unreal Tournament 3'

19 April 2008
  • Summary: In UT3, you assume the role of a futuristic warrior engaged in contests of intense shooting battles against skilled opponents, controlled by human contestants online or by AI, fought with the most powerful sci-fi weapons and vehicles.
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Overall 7
Gameplay 6
Graphics 9
Sound 6
Multiplayer 8

Unreal Tournament 3

1 March 2008
  • Excerpt: I’ll admit, I am new to multiplayer games. It was Call of Duty 4 that brought me into online multiplayer gaming, so I review Unreal Tournament III with virgin eyes, having never played any previous versions on the PC. I realize that this series is dear to many people, and I ask that you understand my reviewing this game as a single entity, not as part of a series.
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