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Trash Panic

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Overall 10

Trash Panic PS3 Review

Console Obsession
29 May 2010
  • Excerpt: Throwing stuff away is rarely fun. Every sane person knows this. Surrounding yourself with the debris of wanton destruction is one of life’s little pleasures. At least, this is my world view. I suspect the developers of Trash Panic feel somewhat differently. See, Trash Panic is a game all about tidying up. Putting stuff in the bin. You win if you get everything in the bin, and lose if you drop any out. To be honest with you, kind reader, this is a vision of hell.
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Overall 7

Trash Panic

27 July 2009
  • Conclusion: If you can look past the sometimes game-killing bugs, there is a good puzzler here. For the rest it is sadly not worth the effort.
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Green-minded game delivers good puzzles and lots of action.

Common Sense Media
26 July 2009
  • Summary: Parents need to know that this is a downloadable puzzle game for the PlayStation 3 and that it has a green theme. It rewards players for responsibly disposing of garbage and retaining a small virtual carbon footprint. Conversely, it punishes players (in terms of a performance grade) for simply burning all rubbish and increasing toxic emissions. There is a modicum of violence in that flaming trash can result in powerful explosions that can flatten nearby buildings.
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Overall 8
Gameplay 1
Graphics 1
Sound 1
Versatility 1
Funfactor 1

Trash Panic (PS3) Review

19 July 2009
  • Summary: I recommend Trash Panic to all puzzle fanatics or anyone looking for a good game at a cheap price. It combines a simple to learn, hard to master formula with the universal pleasure of breaking stuff into tiny bits. Plus, it is a pretty hard game to beat, which also means it will last you a long time. Trash Panic is a $5 game that offers more challenge and depth than similar, more expensive titles. Thumbs up!
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Overall 5

Trash Panic

AV Club
29 June 2009
  • Conclusion: More trash than treasure.
  • Pros: There’s a
  • Cons: Played cold,
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Overall 8

Review: Trash Panic (PS3)

Gamer 2.0
18 June 2009
  • Conclusion: Trash Panic is an oddly endearing game that may not be a game you will beat or master anytime soon, but the feeling that you’re on the grasp of beating any of these stages makes it a bit of an addictive game. The major reason to get this game is that it’s only $4.99, so it’s nicely priced for a puzzle game that just puts a good twist on what is essentially a block-dropping puzzle game.
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Overall 9

Trash Panic

11 June 2009
  • Pros: Simple, winning formula, Creative fire and water mechanics, Becomes increasingly complex
  • Cons: Difficulty may frustrate, Follows well-worn falling-objects concept, No proper save system
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Overall 7
Gameplay 8
Looks 7

Trash Panic (PS3) - Review

7 June 2009
  • Excerpt: When I heard about Trash Panic - a title in which the goal is to pack as much trash as you can into a single container, I figured that my days as a packer in a shipping company might finally come in handy, and the videos had enough of that crazy Japanese charm to get me interested. What I found was an interesting take on Tetris-like gameplay using actual objects and physics. Trash Panic is a game of special awareness.
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Trash Panic Review

20 May 2009
  • Excerpt: You have to treat garbage with the utmost respect in Trash Panic. This unique puzzle game will throw plenty of detritus at you, and you'll have to carefully consider each piece to gauge what effect it will have on your trash can's compactness as you try to cram as much junk in there as humanly possible.
  • Pros: Innovative concept, Challenging difficulty, Addictive gameplay
  • Cons: Frustrating rubbish glitches, No save function, Trial and error will be off-putting for some
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Overall 6

Trash Panic

Thunderbolt Games
20 April 2009
  • Excerpt: Tossing out trash in Japan is damn difficult. Well, the actual physical act of tossing the trash into the waste bin isn’t so bad – it’s the almanac of information that you need to have studied before the tossing that makes things a real pain in the ass. Yeah, there’s the usual separating out of recyclables and whatnot – that’s doable.
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