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The King of Fighters XII

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Reviews and Problems with The King of Fighters XII

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Overall 10

Five Stars

Sagar Botta, Amazon
29 December 2014
  • Summary: xiii will be a better choice. this is only good for versus mode.
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Overall 10

Five Stars

Alfred, Amazon
26 September 2014
Overall 10

A pretty good 'fighter'. (in my humble opinion)

Kevin L., Amazon
16 December 2013
  • Summary: This game is super awsome! And the best 2-D graphics I've ever hoped to see. But the only thing that disappointed me was that it didn't have any boss battles. Otherwise the game is an outright master peace! :) Even though, I have to say that KOF XIII was much better than XII. But for anyone who is interested in the story, I suggest starting from KOF 95.
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User Review

thiagobor, play-asia.com
26 July 2013
  • Summary: Unfortunately for me,, i don`t recieve this game yet, i don`t know what happens but,,, sorry!
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Overall 4

not a really good kof

ImEdD, Amazon
12 July 2013
  • Summary: not a good game , is boring, what about the characters so bad, i ate ho the did those characters, o well not a good game play, dont buy it until you are a fan of kof and want to have all the games from the saga even if some of those are bad!!!
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Overall 8

Four Stars

Jose L. Herrera "LG", Amazon
14 May 2013

User Review

RavenCat, play-asia.com
24 April 2012
  • Summary: As a completionist, I had to get this game. After popping it in, I was quite shocked at the different movesets and smaller roster than the usual games. There's also no special intros like between Kyo & Iori or Kensou & Athena. With just a Time trial as the only mode, it felt like half a game. The AI isn't very smart, and I had to double-check the options to make sure I was playing at normal. Unlocking the galley and earning all the trophies will be hard.
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Overall 2


Bradley K Stafford, Amazon
10 January 2012
  • Summary: I've been a KOF fan since KOF 94.. I LOVE KOF... but i was so apalled with KOF XII that i returned it the same day to Gamestop and got my money back... Thank God for KOF XIII that came out recently.... now that one... I love!!!!!
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Overall 6

Once apon a time...

Jim Lowden "JAL", Amazon
22 May 2011
  • Summary: Some big importand person in Ignition Entertainment said somthing like "I want to make a super simple and basic fighting game" and because they lit their cigar with a hundred dollar bill, they got their wish. They gat a game with no story, no gigantic combos, no complicated controlles, and no need to memorize command imputs, They got a game that someone who has never played a video game ever can pick up and enjoy.
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User Review

jimmytothek, play-asia.com
30 April 2011
  • Summary: Not the longest game, a mash of previous versions but not really showing anyone new to the franchise why people love it. If you a hardcore KOF fan grab it, if you are just interested in good games, you could probably give this a miss.
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