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Reviews and Problems with Super-Rub-a-Dub

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Overall 5

Super Rub a Dub - PS3 Network

24 June 2012
  • Pros: Cute duck/shark designs, Impressive water physics, Slightly endearing
  • Cons: Uneven gameplay, Wrestling Sixaxis, Duck-related puns
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Super Rub-A-Dub Review

26 November 2008
  • Excerpt: The advent of the motion sensitive controller was always going to make tilt-games popular, and Super Rub-a-Dub marks the first outing for the genre on the PlayStation 3. Just like Super Monkey Ball, Mercury, and the more recent Kororinpa, the action and skill in Super Rub-a-Dub centres around tilting a tray-like maze.
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Overall 10

Super Rub A Dub (PS3)

The Review Busters
14 April 2008
  • Conclusion: All in all I think Super Rub A Dub is an excellent game. I play this one almost every day, either moving on in the levels or trying to beat my old scores. For a low cost of $2.99 there is no reason you shouldn't try this one out, it's even cheaper than a Next Gen rental. This might not be the game that makes me change my mind with the PS3, but it does have the lasting feel that will make me turn on my Playstation 3 more than I thought I would.
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Overall 6

Super Rub-a-Dub

Thunderbolt Games
24 August 2007
  • Excerpt: Some unruly brat has been making some fiendish use of his bathtub time. Instead of scrubbing himself and washing off all the dirt and grit accumulated from a typical day at pre-school, he has instead decided to separate his plump rubber mother ducky toy from her little, yellow vinyl-plastic children, encasing them in fortified water bubbles and loading the tub with a crew of duck-munching robotic sharks.
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Overall 4

Seriously Quacked Up

6 May 2007
  • Conclusion: Given away as a free tech demo, this probably would have been a modest bit of amusement and a placeholder for a proper SIXAXIS demonstration. Instead, it's horribly overpriced and woefully under-realized.
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Super Rub a Dub Review

4 May 2007
  • Excerpt: Super Rub a Dub is a very basic puzzle game for the PlayStation 3's download service. The goal of each of the game's levels is quite simple. You want to move a rubber duck around a bathtub-like playfield to collect ducklings, and then lead the whole train of them to the exit in the fastest time possible. The catch is that you play the entire game by tilting the Sixaxis controller around, which tilts the tub and subsequently moves the duck.
  • Pros: Ducks!
  • Cons: Feels like a half-finished tech demo, not an actual game, Controls often feel broken, Bad multiplayer options
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Overall 3
Gameplay 3
Graphics 6
Sound 7
Appearance 6
Lastability 2

Super Rub'a'Dub UK Review

19 March 2007
  • Conclusion: Ultimately, even for the couple-of-quid asking price, Super Rub'a'Dub is a slightly embarrassing start to Sony's European PlayStation Network original content ambitions. As a game, the whole thing is simply too dull, repetitive and frustrating to be considered fun even by the casual gaming audience it's clearly intended for. What's more, as a demonstration of the SIXAXIS, it's a slightly peculiar choice, given the inherently unresponsive nature of gameplay.
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Super Rub A Dub Review (PSN)

5 August 2011
  • Excerpt: It’s time to take a quick venture down the infancy of the PS3. Let’s face it there wasn’t a great deal of games around that were particularly great when the game first came out, but one that was quirky and pretty addictive that made use of the Six Axis controller is none other than Super Rub Dub.
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Overall 7

Ashes Cricket 2009

Console Monster
27 August 2008
  • Summary: If I'm brutally honest, the princely sport of cricket has never captured my imagination. Not even mild stirrings are felt in the excitement cauldron as a round, red object is hit with essentially a glorified and horribly mistreated piece of wood. All the fuss over REAL world cricket never got the pulse going. In games, however, well that's a completely different story.
  • Pros: Satisfying and rewarding gameplay, A true simulation, 'HOWZZAT?!'
  • Cons: So, so, so frustrating!, Dire pitch and crowd visuals, Under-developed audio
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Overall 8
Gameplay 7
Graphics 7
Sound 6
Durability 7

Super Rub A Dub review (PlayStation 3)

20 August 2007
  • Summary: Use your rubber duck to guide smaller ducks into a plughole. Simple enough for you?
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