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Street Fighter X Tekken

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Reviews and Problems with Street Fighter X Tekken

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The Game Chair
25 July 2014
Overall 9

Street Fighter X Tekken

2 September 2013
  • Summary: Launching just seven months ago on consoles, it seems that Street Fighter X Tekken never really caught on in the fighting game community. Some would argue this was a result of the quality of the game itself, but a bit of controversy surrounding the on-disc DLC and confusion about which characters would appear where certainly didn't help matters. Having said that, back in February, we told you that with Ultimate Marvel vs.
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Overall 7

'Street Fighter x Tekken' Review (PS3)

4 March 2013
  • Conclusion: Street Fighter x Tekken Image © Capcom "Street Fighter x Tekken" marks another cross-franchise accomplishment for Capcom and finds a way to carve out its own personality in a market glutted with high quality product. Some of the combat relies too heavily on speed over smarts for this fighting game aficionado, but, for those who like their fighting games fast, furious, and freaky, they're going to want to pick their favorite character and jump in.
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Overall 8

Street Fighter x Tekken Review (PS Vita)

PlayStation Universe
7 November 2012
  • Summary: Street Fighter x Tekken for PS Vita is an all-around fighter that takes the complete package of the PlayStation 3 and gives you more on the go.
  • Pros: Visually stunning, Smooth and solid gameplay, Excellent music
  • Cons: Load times feel longer than they should, Can be overwhelming with a multitude of options available
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Overall 8

Street Fighter X Tekken Review (360, PS3)

3 October 2012
  • Conclusion: Anybody who is a fan of Capcom’s fighting series should add this to their library of games as it is a totally awesome game! If you have ever played any of the Street Fighter games of the past, you will feel right at home with this. It is loads of fun and people of all skill levels will be able to pick up and play the game without much of any issues. The fast paced action and glamorous visuals will surely keep you glued to your seats for a long time coming..
  • Pros: Street Fighter X Tekken offers a healthy variety of fighters from both sides, on the S treet Fighter side you will find the regulars, Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and on the Tekken side you will see the likes of Jin, Heihachi, and Hwoarang among others. The fighting in the game is very fast paced and always keeps you at the edge of your seat. It is fairly easy to pick it up and play but of course the controls and play mechanics go a lot deeper for those hardcore fans out there; ...
  • Cons: The game is difficult to play if using the regular controllers for both XBOX 360 and PS3; combinations and special moves are hard to pull off with the use of these controllers. If you have the money I would suggest getting the Arcade fight stick from Mad Catz or their fight pad, which makes playing the game a whole lot easier! And in case you do happen to play online with the game and are using a regular controller, be prepared to fight somebody who may be using one o...
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Overall 8

Street Fighter X Tekken review

24 June 2012
  • Excerpt: Street Fighter X Tekken is the latest game in Capcom’s 21st-century fighter renaissance, and it looks set to continue the winning streak started by Street Fighter IV . Ever since SFxT’s first announcement we’ve had one burning question: How can Capcom integrate Tekken’s cast of 3D brawlers into the gameplay mechanics of a 2D fighting game?
  • Pros: Large cast of spiffy badasses, Frantic blend of SF, MvC & Tekken, Absurd new combo possibilities
  • Cons: Frequent online lag issues, Single-player boring as usual, DLC mania, no Xbox 360 extras at launch
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Overall 9

Street Fighter X Tekken

Strategy Informer
16 June 2012
  • Conclusion: Strange question marks over weirdly simple missing features like the gallery or the need for more training options aren’t enough to mar this experience. In the end, it’s properly, wonderfully creative and brilliant – and proves that even the most disparate of series can be bedfellows if executed well.
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Street Fighter X Tekken Review

14 June 2012
  • Excerpt: God it's daunting, isn't it? That first time you dip into a new fighting game's training modes and it hits you like a wave – you've got to learn. It all. Again. Those hours spent glaring at bright lights of the pristine training room memorising links and chains, the mental exhaustion of perfecting the microsecond timing between combo attacks, the constant trips to the pause menu's command list and the bounty of stick-snapping complexity hidden therein… You'll do it,...
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Overall 8
Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Sound 8
Multiplayer 9
Longevity 8

Street Fighter X Tekken Review

3 June 2012
  • Summary: Can two spectrums of beat-'em-up be combined successfully? Find out in our Street Fighter X Tekken review.
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Overall 8

Street Fighter X Tekken

17 April 2012
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